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From a reader:

“Would you be good enough to post information to help reunite an owner with his/her pet? I was dog-walking today around 2:00 p.m. and another dog joined us at the Kansas Avenue / 13th Street intersection. I looked for the owner nearby but didn’t see anyone. The dog had a collar but no ID tags. The dog attached itself to my dog and kept following us, so I walked back and forth on the block hoping it would tire of us and go home. When that didn’t work, I knocked on the doors of homes with open gates, and asked people out on their porches if they knew who the dog belonged, but no luck. The dog was really enjoying running around but that included, unfortunately, running into the street so I put it on the leash to be safe and took it to Friendship Hospital for Animals to see if it had a tracking chip, but no luck there either. It is well groomed and seems to be healthy (and really would be a worthy candidate for your “coolest pet” competition). The vet said it appears to be a cocker spaniel mix. To make sure it goes to the rightful owner, callers should be able to describe the dog’s collar, should know whether the dog is neutered/fixed, and identify the dog’s: 1) gender; 2) age; and 3) color. Callers can reach me through my cell at 202-309-4544. I can keep the dog about a week, but after that I’ll probably have to bring it to the Washington Rescue League, as I am a cat owner.”

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  • why dont you post a pic?

  • It would probably help to take a picture of the dog and post it a few places in the neighborhood before dumping it in an area shelter. WARL (Oglethorpe) is the only no kill shelter and they rarely take surrenders/strays. The other two DCAC (NY AVE) and WHS (GA AVE) do the best they can with the resources they have but, being DC, they don’t have much. It’s pretty sad in there and they definitely do destroy pets for space/temperament issues (although many more cats than dogs).

    I know you are trying to help but providing no information beyond “it’s a cocker mix” is really not enough for anyone to identify their pet. What if it’s a “king charles spaniel mix” in their eyes? Typically, the color, markings, size and gender of the pet are important details to include.

  • People really should microchip their pets:

  • holy S. its the dog dragon from Neverending Story! FAAAAAAALCOOOOR


    i think i love anon 9:43

  • If nobody claims this puppy, please let PoP know before you take it to the shelter — maybe someone on here would be able to foster until the owner is found. I’m a dog owner and I bet there are a lot of others here too that would be willing to take temporary care, rather than send her to the shelter.

  • Too bad my roommate’s allergic to dragons, otherwise we’d totally adopt the dog and call it Falcor.

  • If the dog appears to be well-behaved, WHS might be able to put it in a foster home.

  • There’s a shortage of fosters for WHS and other organizations, and even though WHS SAYS they try to be no kill, they will put down animals to make space. So if you’re able to hold on to the stray and try to find the owner through posters, word of mouth, emails, etc., you’re probably doing everyone a favor.

    However, if the dog is intact (unneutered or unspayed), be careful to prevent unwanted offspring and it would be a good idea to mention to the owner that fixing a dog is a humane option.

  • Anon 9:43 am – That was my first thought!

  • If the owner is not found I would be willing to keep the dog in an effort to find its owner instead of sending it to a shelter. It looks just like a little mini version of my dog phil. We call him Philcore because he looks like Phalcore.

    Pop has my email but I can send it to him again if you would like to contact me.

  • Also, you might put an ad on craigslist. They have a lost and found section.

  • That’s our corner, and I don’t recogize the dog. As I walk our dog, I will ask around. Have you tried English and Spanish commands to see if that helps?

  • I think I know where that dog lives- it followed me out from its yard while I was walking my dog the other day- I remember that cute face. It’s owners called after it, but it kept following me for a while- I was kind of concerned that they didn’t come after it, since it was following me down the street. So I stopped, turned back around and walked toward the house and within about 30 seconds a 30-something Hispanic man came walking out to get the dog. It came running right back to him and it was all over. I wouldn’t call him the most vigilant dog owner in the world, but clearly not negligent.

    It was the block of houses on 13th St. between Quebec and Quincy. (that Kansas cuts through diagonally)

    I don’t think the owners speak much English and I would be very hesitant to assume they would go online to look for their dog. I would do door to door on that block, or at least put up a sign with a photo and your phone number.

  • Thanks SO MUCH everyone, particularly Julie and Parkwood… I’m the one who asked PoP to post (I didn’t have a camera initially, which is why the late addition of the pic). I’ve posted the notice in shops around Columbia Heights and Petworth, and will go back to post ones with the pic included when I have a chance. I’m also asking around to see if anyone wants to adopt this cutie, in the event I can’t find its owners, as I really really really don’t want to bring it to a shelter (Parkwood’s message holds promise). I will post an update or give a chance for fostering before taking it to a shelter.

  • nita as a dog owner i want to thank you for your time an concern in trying to find this dog his home. so kind of you

  • Since a big part of my time is spent helping with rescues, I can bet you that if you take that little one to the shelter, it will not live more than a few days. Most shelters are so over crowded, that they do not keep them very long. They are not in the business of finding homes for them. They simply get them off the streets and if not adopted within a certain period of time, they put them down. I don’t mean to sound cold, but that is what it is. Instead of taking it to a shelter because you are a cat person, why not find a foster or put it up for adoption yourself. Such as Petfinders, Craigslist, obviously. Being a cat person should not constitute it’s being put down. I have cats and dogs, and do not use that excuse to have little regards for one over the other. Just a suggestion.
    The shelters are not there to give them security. Just food and water that is all.

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