EL Haynes Charter School Gets a New Sign

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I like it even if it is only a banner. Speaking of EL Haynes, I’d like to congratulate them on some good math and reading improvements.

“E.L. Haynes Public Charter School made dramatic 19- and 18- percentage point gains in Math and Reading, respectively, on the 2008 DCCAS, reaching Adequate Yearly Progress and demonstrating the strength of its academic model. These gains outperformed the District’s already-impressive statewide gains by nearly 3-to-1 in Reading and nearly 2-to-1 in Math. E.L. Haynes also more than doubled the percentage of students scoring at Advanced levels in both categories; 25% of Haynes students are Advanced in Math.”

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  • I know someone who works at this charter school and will be finding more about it as the school year progresses. So far, I’m so impressed with E.L. Haynes. First of all, the building just from the outside, looks fabulous. Compare that to the circa 1920s un centrally airconditioned buildings that are Roosevelt HS, Powell ES, MacFarland MS and other Petworth neighborhood schools. I drive by Haynes often on GA Ave. and marvel that it went up so quickly. Usually construction in DCPS takes so much longer, but we’re dealing with a charter here. But to me the bottom line is why would any parent in their right mind send their kid to nearby Raymond ES on Spring Road, a five minute walk from this new Haynes, with its beautiful building and great test scores making AYP? I’m a public school teacher. These charters are killing us and Rhee is trying to tackle this problem head-on.

  • can’t wait to see the inside of the school – will there be a chance for neighbors to visit?

  • I’ve also been asking about an open house, as we are considering whether it will prove an option for our children. unfortunately, it is a pure lottery, so being nearby doesn’t guarantee a spot. Dear A Teacher, may of us stand firmly behind the efforts you and chancellor are undertaking to fix the public schools, and we hope the charters provide the pressure you need to succeed in overcoming entrenched interests.

  • Thanks, David, for your support. Right now, unfortunately, the entrenched interests against Rhee are my fellow teachers, who basically hate her guts. Especially veteran teachers feel quite threatened by Rhee, are sure she wants to get rid of them and may not let the plan for a new contract go through for a vote. There is a whole new breed of teachers, what I used to call change the world types. But they, Teach For America, DC Teaching Fellows and others, believe a quality education in an American urban school is a basic civil right and they are manning the barracades. Some of the older teachers resent them and they are Rhee’s biggest supports. Don’t get me started…

  • Hi! Julie Green, from E.L. Haynes here. Just wanted to let you know that we will be having some grand opening festivities, including a community open house in early November (tent. slated for Saturday, November 8). I’ll make sure that our PoP knows all the details to post! Thanks for the feedback on our new building — we are very excited to be here and have been warmly welcomed by the community. We started our school year on Monday (we’re on a year-round calendar), so if you haven’t noticed the foot traffic already, we have lots of families walking, biking, busing, and Metro-ing to us, as well as some coming by car. Hope to see you in November!

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