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  • Definitely Deco here, and a lovely one at that. There are a number of fabulous Deco buildings around town, exemplified by the former Greyhound station down on New York Ave (http://www.adsw.org/site/DC/NW/NewYorkAve/1100/index.html). There are also some cool buildings on 16th. Sadly, many deco buildings were torn down. A found a cool book at the Mt. Pleasant library a few months back on Art Deco in Washington, DC. It’s a really fun treasure hunt driving and walking around searching for these old treasures. I’m admittedly a bit of a Deco whore. I just can’t get enough.

  • Park Road–Dude, we can be whores together–let’s go whoring!!–because I love this stuff, too. Sorry, I’ve been drinking wine. What a totally badass door. Where is it?

  • That’s my Building!!

  • gorgeous. art deco rules!

  • love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Isn’t that on S or R street in the dupont area? Like around 17th or 16th? If not, it looks like an art deco-style building near there.

  • U street Girl- That is one of the two Tivoli Gardens apartment buildings 1445 Otis in Columbia Heights.

    The apartments are pretty neat, as well.

    I’ll give you a tour 😉

  • U Street. . . I think you’re thinking of the Richmond on 17th St. I THINK. . .

  • I absolutely love it. Pop, I’d enjoy a feature on the best and worst buildings from different architectural eras (just in case you’re ever lacking ideas for posts).

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