Dog Days Summer Sidewalk Sale Popping

DSCN1708, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

14th Street was bustling with folks this Saturday looking for good deals.

I found the best deal of all – fresh squeezed lemonade!

This dog was the coolest and only drinks the finest bottled water.

So did anyone check it out? Any good deals?

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  • Some good deals–yes! But the best were the grilled hot dogs they were selling across the street from Home Rule. I might have had two. or three…

  • I agree with the lemonade! Mmm. The only deal I took advantage of was the % off at Urban Essentials for some fancy pants coasters.

  • This used to come with a variety of dog-related activities (there used to be a dog show, e.g.)….what happened to all that stuff this year?

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