DJs Coming to Looking Glass Lounge

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On Friday night DJ Gavin will be performing at the Looking Glass Lounge. Do you think this will infuse some life into the LGL? Good idea or bad idea?

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  • wonderland II

  • do you we really need yet another bar with dj nights. i like that its just quiet. you can actually talk there and hang out. DJ nights attract “stand and pose-ers” like roaches : (

  • dj nights make money. its a business after all.

  • If you don’t like “DJ nights” then open your own bar without them…

  • The best thing LGL could do for their bar is bring back the prohibition peanuts and the rye whiskey!

  • The Wonderland should continue to house the DJs and dance moves, while the Looking Glass should continue to maintain the vibe of conversation…

  • Bad idea…this place is not what the neighborhood originally lobbied for. New owners have changed it for the worse. I still think good non-bar type food, and a neighborhood evironment would work well there.

  • This is pretty disappointing.

  • I’d prefer improved service over a DJ. But we hardly ever go there anymore due to the often unbelievably bad service, so I guess I don’t really care about a DJ.

  • This would not happen under Dan’s watch.

  • i’ll add it to the list “oh how i miss t-hall….”

  • I agree with Karen, Cliff, fancypants, and New Hampy. OB’s comment has me worried. Has Dan left LGL?

  • The post only said “Friday Night.” You know where it is quiet and the “vibe of conversation can be maintained” without interruption? At home.

  • why? have they over extended themslves ? lucky with wonderland, right time right place. i’ll bet a pot they are losing money like a sieve or just plain greedy otherwise why ?

  • Do the owners know the place has taken a huge turn for the worse? Do they care? I thought they came in with a commitment to stay rooted in the neighborhood, but it’s too loud to have a conversation and the food sucks. I’d even be willing to forego the food if they turned down the volume a bit so that I could talk to my friends! I really don’t get it. I’d love to hear what they have to say.

  • Ditto what jae said….. any chance of an interview addressing the concerns many of us have with LG?

  • I haven’t been in a while…what happened to dan?

  • I haven’t been in a while – what happened to Dan?

  • I took the high road for a while with LGL, going all happy-crappy-Johnny-Appleseed with the benefit-of-the-doubt, preferring to be a neighborhood cheerleader, since I loved Temperance like a bruvah…

    But the food has suffered. And I usually don’t care about “quality of service” good or bad, but it’s suffered as well. Worth noting: Last two attempts at garlic fries were utterly wretched. But then, Temperance had set the bar impossibly high.

    So we at Intangible HQ had to adjust our expectations, & will forget the idea of having a meal there, and just appreciate it as a comfy neighborhood bar, which is STILL more than we had a few years ago.

    I guess that’s still somewhere between Polly Anna bullshit and agreeing with the bitchers in here. In general, LGL is disappointing but I’m still glad it’s there, versus some deserted bombed-out shell. The DJ thing doesn’t affect this impression at all. Totally ambivalent about that.

  • Wow, I didn’t expect the DJ night to cause controversy. I’m actually the DJ in question and originally approached the people at Wonderland about doing the night there but was told that they were looking to start off having DJ nights at Looking Glass and am doing this in pretty short order.

    Eitherway, I don’t know the extent to which they are planning to do DJ nights, but it sounds as if they only intend to really do Friday and Saturday nights as this is what I was offered. I can’t really speak on the financial situation, but as someone said previously, it’s a business and unfortunately if a neighborhood bar struggles to make enough money you no longer have a neighborhood bar to enjoy. I, myself, am a Mt. Pleasant resident so understand the desire to preserve the character of the local watering holes that we have.

    In the end, my only desire is to play music to an audience that might appreciate what I’m playing (soul, R&B, funk, jazz funk) away from the usual haunts like 18th St., U St., etc. and hope that this might appeal to people that live in the area. In the end, I hope this doesn’t create too much controversy and that LGL preserves it’s neighborhood bar character.

  • Anon – 3:11 Can you keep the volume to a dull roar so the patrons can hear themselves think and speak in normal voices in conversation?

    In general, this seems like a desperation measure, though without seeing the books, who knows.

    I do know that I don’t like the joint since the turnover. I gave the new owners a shot. Was hopping they would want to keep thier patrons happy and change things that needed changing. I have had some bad experiences thier. The most recent being horrible food…don’t you hate it when they bring you unwashed, gritty lettuce in your salad? I sent the owners an email, not complaining, not asking for a refund. Rather really trying to give constructive feed back. The silence was deafening.

  • RE Dan- I happened to be at LGL on his last day managing/bar tending the joint. He along with other investors are hoping to open that wine bar that caused the online shenanigans a couple days ago. I (and I know I’m not alone on this) am very sad to see him go. He served me my first rye after I closed on my house.

    RE DJ- sou, R&B, funk, and jazz funk appeal to me. I think a lot of people were thinking loud hip hop and electro ala Wonderland.

  • first, dan is a former dj so i dont think he would be adverse to the idea if it meant business. i agree tho that other things are lacking and that should be priority. i am interested in checkin out this dj on friday as it could add a nice element to a bar that needs something. i would possibly be interested in playing there sometime too.

  • Steve – I was specifically told that I would keep it down for the first 30 minutes so I’m planning to play more subdued stuff during that period. Again, I’m not planning to blow out peoples’ eardrums and if people seem more content to sit and drink and listen, then I’ll play to that. Otherwise, if people show up and want to dance, then I might kick it up a notch but will until later to do so.

    OB – Thanks, I’m glad someone’s not opposed to the music. Though I like hip hop and electro as well, I’m not planning on playing that stuff as there’s more than enough places to go to if you want to hear it. I liked the idea of doing this at LGL simply because it’s more of a comfortable neighborhood bar and might bring people in the surrounding area out on a Friday night with less of a ‘douche bag’ factor. I like Wonderland, but avoid it like the plague on Fridays and Saturdays (especially the upstairs) for that reason.

    Otherwise, if this is simply a case of wanting to build business to make some money (is anyone in business to lose money?) and maybe attract more people to the bar on peak nights so that it can be a quieter neighborhood place the other five days, I wouldn’t be so alarmed.

  • I know I’m adding to the chorus here…

    DJ set sounds cool, but I don’t want to yell at my friends. If people seem ready for some dancing turning up the volume is totally fair. If it is like most nights in there, though, I hope we can enjoy some creative tunes and not have to hide in the far corner.

    Temperance Hall was the first time I liked going to a bar. Since it’s been LGL I’ve had one asshole bartender and one crappy waitress that each made me not want to go back. I think it’s got one more shot before I’m a former customer. Probably see you on Friday!

  • Gavin is hot.

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