D.C. Chooses Partners for Petworth Development Project and Some Good Scuttlebutt To Go Along With The News

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“District of Columbia officials have identified their partners that will oversee a $5 million development project of vacant properties on Georgia Avenue in northwest Washington.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said Friday the city is working with Donatelli Development and Mosaic Urban Partners to create retail space and condominiums on the site of three properties, about a block north of the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station.”

I think these are the vacant properties at 3813 and 3825 Georgia Avenue. So here’s some scuttlebutt that I heard. Now keep in mind these projects are not likely to be completed until 2010 but there are still some exciting possibilities that have already emerged.

There has already been interest expressed by the owners of Marvin’s as well as interest from a hardware store that will have a garden center and finally some interest from the owners of Jackie’s in Silver Spring. Pretty exciting possibilities but remember it’s still scuttlebutt at this point…

Now we don’t need to have a debate about more community centers here if you’d like you can re-read that debate. But as for the folks that have been mentioned, which would you rather see – a Marvin’s, Jackie’s or Hardware store with a garden center?

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  • I’d like a hardware store. I love the one (Capital Locksmith) across from the Metro, and would love something the same scope with a bit more selection.

  • my initial response is to chose the hardware/garden center…but with three different properties ( i thought there were three up for grabs…) why the need to choose? it would be great to have a place like Jackie’s…Marvin and its lines and way way overpriced food i can certainly live without.

  • Wine bar!

    I kid, I kid. I thought that this most recent development news was for some vacant lots on the same side of the street as this photo, but a little south. There’s a Donatelli banner hanging on a fence around a vacant lot…or is this another project entirely?

    I’d probably be happy with anything except a CVS. It’s not that I hate CVS…well, yes, I do hate CVS. But I know they’re a necessity. It’s just that I think that corner could do better. But between a CVS and a vacant lot, I’ll take the drug store.

  • Jackies! Love that place…

  • saf

    Donatelli now controls 6 properties in that block:

    They bought the corner a while back, and announced in February that they’re putting yet another condo building there. They claim that they’re planning to break ground in September or October.

    This announcement was the awarding of the contracts to develop 3813-3815 and 3825-3829. The press release on what will be on those sites can be found at: http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/cwp/view,a,1368,q,608478.,dmpedNav_GID,1790,.asp

    As for what I would personally like – a hardware store. Lord, I spend so much time and money in hardware stores. I’d LOVE to be able to keep those dollars in the neighborhood. A Marvin or a Jackie’s – eh, whatever. I’m ok with either of those ownership groups, I guess, but I would really rather see something new and different than a duplication of what they do elsewhere.

  • once again it amazes me that mount pleasant st gets skipped over by development while gentrifying neighborhoods further and further east seem to be rising exponentially. North Capital St will look like M street Georgetown before we get a decent neighborhood hang out a la Tryst or god forbid a decent grocery that isnt over flowing with hydrogenated oils and highfructose corn syrup. But this is the last time you will hear me rant about it. ive accepted it and we are walking distance to columbia heights and adams morgan anyway so let it languish and some one give that laurie collins a pat on the back. you have won.

  • I would LOVE a garden center!

  • Hardware store with a garden center – no question about it. But, there will certainly be room for restaurants.

    Christina, there is already a CVS coming to the triangular lot south of the metro, so you are safe here.. 😀

  • A hardware store with a garden center would be awesome. I would also be happy with another sit-down restaurant. If there are multiple properties, I say do it all!

  • Mmmm…over flowing high fructose corn syrup…

  • I was in Bethesda last night and normally am not a fan of the new construction over there. But then I went down that little cobblestone courtyard between the new condos (across the street from the Rio Grande) and was very impressed. there is a nice courtyard with restaurants and shops running the length of the courtyard. It had a really nice feel to it, almost European. I really liked the set up and the atmosphere. I wish we had something like that in Petworth–something a little different then the normal developments like what they did in Columbia Heights.

  • Considering that its probably going to become a fast food joint, liquor store, or gas station I propose we just cut out the middle man and demolish the surrounding homes/businesses & import a Krystal Burger with a brewthru on the side ajoined to a Sheetz/Wawa.

  • what is a Jackie’s?
    what is a Marvin’s?

  • My impression from the meeting last week was that there would be both a retail establishment and a restaurant. It’s not clear what will happen with the beauty shop that’s there right now–the other bidders (the foils, to make it look like an open process) said they’d preserve that space, but the Donatelli people didn’t commit to that.

    On another note–what’s up with the YES foods? I had the impression that it was a done deal, but the owner recently told a friend of mine that it’s not.

  • “(the foils, to make it look like an open process) ”

    What do you mean?

    Now that Yes is likely to get its liquor, I gather it should be more or less a done deal.

  • mmm, local garden store.

  • Christina-
    Donatelli at this point has control of a good share of that bloc. In February, they mentioned that they’ll be seeking approval for ~50 condo/apts on the vacant lot at the south corner (current parking lot for Park Place construction) The RFP was for both the vacant lots pictured as well as vacant townhomes (3813/3815).

    What they don’t own/have dibs on:
    3811- private residence(s)?
    3817- ?
    3819- the market/beer-wine store
    3831- Latney’s funeral home

  • There is no need for any more condo’s in this city right now. Really. As opposed to hardware store or other bars/restaurants, my utmost fatasy would be so see an Eastern Market type space for a farmers market, food stands, etc.

  • There is no need for any more condo’s in this city right now. Really. As opposed to hardware store or other bars/restaurants, my utmost fantasy would be to see an Eastern Market type space for a farmers market, food stands, etc.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I’d love a Jackie’s in the ‘Worth! Their Silver Spring location is divine and they promote sustainable, local agriculture.

  • Trader Joe’s!!!!! That would be huge. And a good compromise — the prices there are very affordable there compared to someplace like Whole Foods despite being a pretty yuppie store.

    Also, an Original Pancake House would CLEAN UP in CH / Petworth. The demographics here are perfect and there are few traditional brunch places around.

  • I would die and go to heaven if there could be a hardware store with a bar – or at least a coffee shop – in it. I’d also like to see a little bookstore attached to it like Busboys and Poets. If y’all want to be investors I’ll open it…

  • Oh mah gah — a Trader Joes would be great. Never would happen in a million years, but that would be awesome. Unfortunately, we’re all being held by the short hairs by Safeway and its promises to renovate that craphole store across the street.

    Interesting that whoever owns “7 Round” (I’ve been in there before — mm, scary) and whatever other place is occupied on that strip doesn’t want to sell, according to that link posted earlier.

    Thanks for the info, James!

  • jackie’s or some other fabulous diner!

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