Corner Market at Florida And Seaton


Anyone know the scoop on this corner market? It looks pretty sweet. Is it just a corner store or do they also sell sandwiches, deli style?

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  • I just noticed this place last weekend on my way to play tennis. I have no idea what goes on inside (the open sign wasn’t on last Friday afternoon), but if I could wave a magic wand I’d make it a cozy coffee/wifi/deli that serves a great brunch.

    I’d like that great brunch to include eggs and definitely grits.

    Sorry I can’t add any actual facts to the debate!

  • Is this really Adams Morgan?

  • saf

    Anon – yeah, the south end of Adams Morgan, just below Marie Reed and the old Kilimanjaro space.

  • Gorgeous, but who knows — maybe some of our bodegas in Parkview will get the hint? I just discovered the one at Lamont & Warder. It is funny that they hide things like onions behind the plexiglass, but the owners seemed very nice and they sell SKIM MILK — WHOO HOO!

  • That store (and the owners) has been there for at least 15 years. I used to live around the corner from there in the early/mid 90s. back then it was just a run of the mill corner store: beer, snacks, sundries. same store, recently remodeled.

  • Wayyyy back in the day it was called “Kaplan’s Market”. I’m talking the ’60s…

  • Wayyyy back in the day it was called “Kaplan’s Market”.

  • I go by there a couple of times a week and have yet to see it open. Anyone know their hours?

  • Its open and looks nice on the outside, but inside its just the same old thing. I guess we need another one, but Virginia Market been on Florida and 18th for years

  • Yeah, it was Kaplan’s until at least about 2000 or so. The space was remodeled a while ago and was sitting empty. Glad to see that something is in there now, I’ll have to go check it out.

  • This is right by me. It looks nice. I peaked in but honestly, it didn’t look too impressive inside. At least, not yet.

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