Coolest Roomate Entry #2


“I am submitting my roommate Eddie. He is also my landlord and friend. Eddie is the coolest roommate ever for many reasons, he cuts us all breaks on rent, cooks the most delicious dinners for us (which are always ready when we get home from work), he cleans the house and makes our beds for us when we are away. Also he is great to hang out with and talk to and might be one of my favorite people to play Wii with. Eddie may not be The Perfect roommate but he’s pretty damn close!”

Ed. note: Yesterday’s comments were interesting but remember it’s not a “pimp your roomate” contest, simply who has an interesting/cool roomate. The entries are starting to roll in now. Aren’t there any cool female roomates out there? Represent.

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  • Maybe the female roommates aren’t candidates for Coolest Roommate cause we tend to nag about dirty dishes/toilet seat left up, etc. πŸ™‚

  • This is Eddie right after he got rained on…soaking wet and still not a care in the world!

    I love you Eddie!

  • i know its an odd picture but it was taken while walking home and getting caught in the rain hence me slicking my hair back also kinda a bad angle…haha but what can you do?

  • Eddie, being probably the coolest person in the world, should definitely win. He’s the only person I know who has managed to keep the same, cool, easy-going temperament that he’s had for the past 6 years or so since I’ve known him.

  • Eddie is an awesome roommate. I had the fortune of calling him my roommate for a week while he was visiting. Let me tell you, I’ve ever seen anybody rock that couch as well as Eddie – and he’s the only roommate I’ve ever had with the out-of-this-world combination of actually cleaning and still maintaining a laid-back and fun attitude. Beyond that he’s funny, fun to hang out with, intelligent, interesting, and an all around great guy. My vote is definitely for Eddie as the coolest roommate.

  • He’s laid back and relaxed, but at the same time fun to party with!! He’s smart, but not conceited. He’s funny, but not annoying. He’s nice, but not too sensitive. He’s good looking, but…he’s just good looking. GOOOO EDDIE!!!

  • eddie is cute.

  • he’s HOT!!! Where can i find one of them?!?!? :o)

  • Eddie, Eddie he’s the man and I vote for him.

  • i effing heart eddie!

  • Jeebus. I can take the doorway of the day, the tattoo of the week, and Neener channeling George Wallace & Leni Riefenstahl — but this new “date the freeloader on my couch” feature is hurting my small brain.

    Even that little fascist Izzy the Cat was preferable. πŸ˜›

  • Eddie is indeed hot and he looks like he’s endowed with Alec Baldwin-esque chest hair. Muy macho.

  • Wait! I thought Eddie was Izzy…shaved…

  • Eddie is definately NOT a freeloader on anyone’s couch! He is a home owner living in Petworth-and as I said he takes care of us, us being 3 of his friends/tennants and our 3 dogs. He loves his neighbors and he loves his friends. And as you can see, they love him!

    Are the people of Petworth (and surrounding neighborhoods) any less of what makes Living the Beautiful life than a door or a garden? I think not, if anything they are the heart and soul!

  • Kalia: I’m sure Saint Eddie is a wonderful sumbitch, but if I feel like I’ve somehow accidentally websurfed to the Tigerbeat website.

  • I would like to see a jousting match between Eddie and Chris.

  • Anonymous: Eddie’s chest hairs in a steel cage match with Chris’ pouty ennui. 12 rounds, two go in, one comes out, we have a winner and then can get back to talking about condo prices and causing Ruben’s heart to ache.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better roommate than Eddie. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and a wonderful host. Eddie is very easygoing and always wants what’s best for the household, even if it means compromising on his part. Eddie’s qualities are what make up a truly great roommate and that’s why he deserves to win.

  • The chest hairs are heavily favored but in the final round, Chris rises like a phoenix and takes the crown, which is woven from Eddie’s chest hairs. He then buys an exorbitantly priced Columbia Heights condo and walks around his balcony in Eddie’s pajamas, just because he can.

  • hmm…so chris is naked in CH then? well good for him! haha.

  • I would vote for Eddie because he has also survived a brain swelling virus – a very exclusive club. Also, he’s hot…

  • Definitely have to say that Eddie is a cool guy! My vote’s for him!

  • YAY for Eddie!! He’s really cool, down-to-earth kinda guy. And he likes x-men, anime, and video games! And whenever I go visit he always makes you feel at home. So definitely, Eddie deserves the “Coolest Roommate Award”!

  • Eddie seems nice, but Chris seems more entertaining.

  • I think I need to see Eddie in the “bad girl” pajamas before I can make an objective decision.

    Also, just how many of these commentors live/ have lived with Eddie?? Unfair advantage?

  • Good grief! How many people live in this house? I haven’t seen this much vote packing since Celia’s “win.”

    Herb Como

  • Eddie seems like the kind of guy who worries if his hair is messed up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I like guys who can laugh at themselves. I think they are both really cute, but based on my impressions from these posts, I would vote Chris.

  • Herb, I was just thinking the same thing!!

  • Alli: I survived pink eye and hurricanes Alan, Alicia, Allison, and Rita, but that doesn’t make me a good roommate.

    You haven’t convinced me.

    Chris has a lifetime of experience in his sad eyes, he looks like someone who could, at any moment, utter the most profound thing about Chuck Barris or Kangxi and make you weep like a small child watching Bambi.

    There can be only one.

  • Eddie is an amazing host! Whenever I go over to visit Kalia he always has the BEST food, or has planned some creative way to get everyone interacting with eachother. He even taught us how to make sushi!! Visiting with Eddie is a big part of the reason why I enjoy hanging out at their house — no offense Kalia πŸ˜‰

  • If in fact there can be only one, if Eddie’s chest hair is shaved, would you get its quickening? Just checking. If so, then we have a winner. πŸ™‚

  • Which side of the fence does Eddie play?

  • SECapHill: Didn’t you read PoP’s admonishment about pimping?

    Eddie isn’t a piece of meat. He has thoughts (probably) and feelings (likely) just like anyone else with abundant body hair. So while some of you degenerates might want to take Eddie out on the town and ply him with G&T’s until he starts singing ABBA songs, he’s a real person, damnit, and all he wants to do is cook for his 37 roommates, find out who superglued his hand to his head, and get a PoP t-shirt… just like any other human being.

  • Is Eddie single?!

  • Odentex,
    Do I detect a little mancrush?!? You seem pretty obsessed with Eddie’s entry and have devoted a good 3 hours of your time checking in on him…he is pretty cute, so it is understandable.

  • as a roomate AND an ex of eddiuardo (its going fine, and no its not weird, thank you very much), i can honestly say that eddie is one of the greatest guys you will ever want to meet. he may sound a little boring, but hes not…eddie has traveled the world, lived in war torn areas (the joys of parents in the dept. of state), and suffered exotic diseases, but he is still the most down to earth person i know…. he just finished undergrad and has aspirations to work with veterans and mentally handicapped kids to help them express themselves through art therapy, putting them on the path to healing and self acceptance. eddie is an awesome artist, a lover of all forms of life (believe me, he makes ME kill the bugs in the house when he cant capture them to be released outside), respects all creeds, orientations, ethnicities, and religions, and is just an all around bad ass. eddie is the roommate of the millenium!

  • it sounds like a family at your house , how lucky for you all. eddie has my vote!

  • why has no one mentioned Eddies’s awesome t-shirt company?

  • Odontex, you’re my hero today. Tigerbeat!

    But holy shit – were I single, I’d totally convince one of my roommates to submit my photo and some complements and some appropriately quirky and worldly character traits.

  • I have to agree with Odentex. While I have no doubt that Eddie is the shiznit, and he is a darn fantastic roommate, this entire thread is completely bizarre. I can’t figure out if I’m reading his Eharmony profile or his bid for prom king.

    Eddie, I have no doubt you rock. Dang, I’d probably hit on you if I saw you in a bar. But does this entire thing not make you feel a bit uncomfortable?

  • Yeah, gotta agree with Oregonian… Spot on.

  • eddie IS the coolest roommate ever, no matter what you haters say!

  • Kalia: I’m a gold digger — so unless Eddie has a Gulfstream and a chalet in Gstaad he can’t have none of this jelly.

  • He is hotter than Georgia asphalt!

  • Odentex and PoP- go ahead and post your own photos- we’ll objectify and pimp you out too if that would make you feel better πŸ™‚

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