Coolest Roomate Contest Entry #3


“My roommate Lynn is one of the nicest people I know in DC. She is always smiling and happy, even when she is helping out with mundane household chores like taking out the trash, washing dishes etc. Beyond being an awesome roommate, she is also a very good friend. We can hang out at happy hour just as easily as we can chill in the apt. and make it a movie night. But perhaps most importantly, Lynn is the coolest roommate because she puts up with me in the mornings when I am semi-awake (and usually not a morning person) and manages to make me smile everyday while walking to work.

Although she is moving out soon, I just wanted to let her know that I have appreciated all the times that we’ve stayed up late chit-chatting, and the many summer adventures that we’ve had in the city.”

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  • Lynn rocks! I ran into her at a happy hour and she was really chill, easy-going person.

  • Woo hoo! C’mon, let’s here it for Lynn!

    She’s the first roommate entrant that doesn’t look like she’s just been on a three-week bender in Laredo. Think about it, if you saw Chris or Eddie walking down your street you’d call MPD right away, curse the day you moved to DC, and double-lock the door.

  • I’m not sure whoever entered this understands the rules. After PoP posts your entry you are supposed to start faking entries from several dozen of your “”roommates.” Please see Eddie and Celia’s entries as examples.

  • I’d love to run in to Lynn!

  • Anonymous (4:13) — that’s not funny at all. There are surely plenty of other more appropriate, trashy sites where you can make those kind of comments.

  • anon 3:22 …. there was nothing fake about any post on eddies entry, and theres no reason to be a tool bag about it either.

    lynn has a beautiful smile, and looks like a great person… good luck 🙂

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