Coolest Roomate Competition – First Entry


Haven’t received too many entries yet, so get on your horses and email them to [email protected] You just need a photo and a couple of sentences.

“This is my roommate Chris. We live in Shaw, and we’ve been housemates for almost three years but we’ve known each other for almost eight. He is one of the most knowledgable and funny people I’ve ever met. He seriously deserves an award for putting up with me (and my fiancee, who moved in with us last year without a word of protest from Chris). He patiently puts up with the two of us, who happen to be on the messy side, and never (okay, fine, hardly ever) complains. He bought a Wii for the household and lets us play Wii tennis for hours. He keeps a bucket of candy in his room and doesn’t mind sharing. He takes turns with dog walking/feeding and is our dogs’ favorite uncle. He is such a good roommate that my fiancee and I are hoping to buy a house with a basement apartment rental for Chris, so we can keep our “family” intact even after the wedding. He is like living with live entertainment- I seriously get an ab workout from laughing when we hang out.” Photo that I suspect may end this wonderful friendship after the jump.


“**Sidebar to explain his outfit: My grandmother has this funny tendency to buy me ridiculous pajamas for Christmas every year. Never one to let a perfectly good pair of pajamas go to waste, Chris rescues them every time. Bottom line is: Chris is awesome. And ladies, if you’re interested- he’s single! And cross your fingers for me that he won’t be mad at me for this…”

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  • How old is he?? Cause I’ve got a friend who needs a good man. You know- a man’s man. The kind that isn’t afraid to wear “bad girl” pajamas from your grandma. But he looks a bit young…

  • He’s 26.

  • This such a great article!! “Chris”, if that’s his REAL name, is super adorable…and he’s single?! SIGN ME UP! YUM!

  • Totally agree with all the comments. He’s simply adorable. In an area where the guys are so pretentious and robotic, Chris is the kind of guy that’s a rare jem…

    T or F: I’ve sent this link to all my single girlfriends!

  • Becky- “In an area where the guys are so pretentious and robotic”

    Where in the world do you hang out?


  • I want in too! I havent been on a good date in…a really long time!

  • um, holy crap. that sounds like an amazing roommate. i’m the worst roommate in the world compared to him and i take care of my roommate’s dog, etc. I raise my glass, “this one’s for you”

  • Hard to find roommates like that. I can totally understand why you want to “keep the family together”. Good people like Chris are hard to come by.

  • With all respects to PoP- this really goes to show you how clueless guys are- he thought that picture would HURT the friendship…. sigh….

    This fellow is going to be scoring big points all over North Country.

    Hey- can we have a men of PoPville calender? (and of course donate the proceeds to charity to make it kosher- maybe some sort of dog-rescue/kite making workshop for disadvantaged children)

    I’ll photograph! I have no photography skills, but I do have a camera and a can-do attitude!

    Sarcastic about the charities, not about the calender 🙂

  • Pop – This contest and the responses are a bit creepy and too personal. I hope this doesn’t turn into

  • Why not? Just as long as it’s a separate part of the site, no reason why PoP shouldn’t host a virtual local singles scene. Maybe he’d get invited to the resulting weddings.

  • I just meant “kosher” as in – donate proceeds to charity to keep the calender on moral high ground- nothing to do with food. But, I’m all for incorporating meat and dairy if and when possible…

    Wait- no- this could be creating a monster…

  • I think my friend John and he would make a cute couple.

  • I hope all these ridiculous comments don’t detract from Chris’ status as the coolest roommate in DC.

  • I’d like to join the waiting list behind Anonymous 2:08…

  • Chris, you still have my vote for the following reasons:
    1- those pajamas
    2- you seem to not worry what people think
    3- Eddie’s friends/roommates are stacking all the comments
    4- i like your dog
    5- you’re a goodlooking guy but don’t seem to be aware of it

  • not aware of his good looks —whatever === a guy that would put on a bad girl shirt is a guy that is stuck on himself

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