Coolest Pets in PoPville Entries #25, #26 and #27


This is Paco (13 pounds). Entries 26 and 27 after the jump.

Max and Fievel BFF

“Attached is a photo of my dogs Max and Fievel (the big black lab and the little rat terrier, respectively). We live in Shaw.”


“Here is a photo of the coolest cat in petworth. no doubt! her name is Luna. She comes when I whistle to her no matter where she’s at. she’s a very smart cat.”

Ed note: We still have 22 more entries before the five finalists are named.

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  • Max and Fievel are very cute!! If they ever need a weekend sitter I have a sweet backyard!

  • Max! Max! Max! Fievel too if they’re entered as a group, but Max is frickin’ AWESOME!

  • Max and Fievel are both frickin’ ADORABLE! I love how they’re cuddling and Fievel’s ears are the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

  • I love that little Fievel! With an adorable face like that, how can you say no! Is there any chance you’d be willing to share dog walking responsibilities?

  • I saw Fievel walking down the street earlier this spring wearing a tiny dog track suit. That should count for some extra points.

  • Wonder how that little guy tired that big dog out? That Fievel looks like a mischievous but very cute little one.

  • I like Paco–there’s nothing quite as badass as an orange cat.

  • Max are Fievel are soooo cute!!! I bet they are a handful to walk around the city. I love them!!

  • Luna is beautiful and quite cute just chilling. Love her coloring.

  • I keep going through all the great photos of all the pets, and I keep coming back to Max and Fievel. They are such a cute odd couple!

  • I think they are all so adorable! Does that pick of Max and Fievel just make you want to snuggle with them?!

    Is Fievel a Jack Russell? He adorable!

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