Coolest Pet in PoPville Winner: Celia!

Celia Raincoat 005, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What a contest! This one was close all day. It was Celia one minute and Izzy the next. But at 11:57pm the final vote was cast and Celia came through with a huge upset garnering 27% of the vote versus Izzy’s 25%. I’d like to thank all who submitted entries and apologize to those who submitted after the deadline. There’s always next year!

As for Celia, I am very proud that she will be representing PoPville as Coolest pet. I can think of no other pet to better represent us. For Celia is scrappy and three legged but has a lot of heart. We, too, may not be the prettiest folks in town but damn it we’re scrappy and we’ve got heart in PoPville.

Congratulations to Celia, all the finalists and all the great entries.

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  • This is the coolest dog I have ever seen. thanks for letting everyone see how cool Celia is.

  • I liked Izzy a smidge better, but I’m happy this sweetie won.

  • I’m protesting the vote! Not only were most of the other pets cooler (artie, phoebe, izzy) but they actually had decent pictures of them. If this alleged three legged dog is indeed the coolest pet in PoPville, then I believe the PoPville public is entitled to a better picture than just the side of her face.

  • Congrats Celia!

    I thought this dog had 4 legs, but only 3 working ones? But either way, she wears a raincoat. That is pretty cool.

  • While I am happy for the winner, I feel there were better candidates. Celia doesn’t appear to enjoy wearing the raincoat, so it makes me think the owners forced her to wear it. I guess I just enjoy seeing pictures of happy/unique animals.

  • Davis would like to congratulate Celia and is honored to be considered one of the coolest pets in PoPville. He will be going in to contest retirement and looks forward to the easy life of long runs and walks around Petworth and resuming his post as resident rodent chaser.

  • Celia is very humbled by this experience and appreciates all the love and support she’s received. Izzy is indeed an adorable kitten, who would have thought a pooch as scrappy and old as Celia would win. Thank you.

  • …just cuz nobody asked Celia how many houses she owns…

  • While I’m happy for the winner, I feel sad for those who are troubled by the results of a “coolest pet” poll. It’s a raincoat! Do you think she put it on herself?!

  • All of these animals are winners. I challenge anyone to pass one of them on the street without saying, “Awwwwww,” or reaching out to pet them. Can’t be done!

    Celia is an amazing character with her 3 working legs and tough early life. I am glad she has found a good home, both in terms of her owners and a neighborhood that appreciates her. And if any of the other contestants want a consoling snuggle, I am here. 😉

  • If you do this again maybe a brackets system a la Sweet Sixteen would be good.

  • The backlash begins! Celia is about to learn the price of POPularity.

  • Pets don’t dress themselves, but the smart ones know to hold still and get their raincoats on before they stroll in the rain. Even my uncool Schnauzer Maxx puts his paws up to dress for inclement weather.

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