Coolest Pet in PoPville Finalists

As I suspected this was a nearly impossible task. I tried to make an even mix of cats and dogs and incorporate feedback from the comments sections. All the pets were worthy however after many Budweisers I have selected the following eight. Now we work on the honor system here at PoP so please try to only vote once. If you can’t recall the pets by names I have included their photos after the jump. Winner selected Friday.

Photos after the jump.

Girl 1


Phoebe snaggle tooth






davis porch


Rosie 148




Celia Raincoat 005


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  • Vote for Miiister!

  • Oh dear, I’m so conflicted. I wish I had to the weekend to think on this…

  • I voted for Arty! (but I think poor Charlie got robbed…*tear lol)

  • Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe!

    Who doesn’t love a gal with an underbite!

  • Don’t forget that Rosie works with at-risk yoofs while the rest of these freeloaders just lay around and look cute.

  • haha yes, Odentex, she works hard getting pet by 20 kids at one time instead of the usual 1 or 2… lol just kidding. Service dogs are great and the test to get certified is pretty tough for most dogs to pass.

  • I also have it on good authority that Rosie is working on her master’s degree while supporting a family of 3 pups (their dad was lost to the streets, he just couldn’t stop chasing those cars).

    I’m not suggesting a sympathy vote, or that you’d have to be a hard-hearted nincowpoop to vote for a kitten that can’t hold up it’s own head instead of a true American hero like Rosie (USA! USA!), just sayin’.

  • If you’re looking to be sympathetic remember Celia has just three working legs!

  • There seems to be no stopping the Izzy juggernaut, but I had to vote for Davis in honor of my friend Mike’s departed dog Lucy, a doppleganger for Davis, and one of the sweetest, dumbest dogs ever to trot headlong into a wall for no reason. She had way more than her share of health issues, but stayed happy till the end. R.I.P. Lucy.

  • Hey all I do is lay around and look cute. Is that so wrong?

  • Miiiister has already accomplished the title of “Handsome-ist cat on 14th St.” (Ok, fine, only his mom tells him that, be he doesn’t know the difference.) He has been campaigning hard to obtain the prestigious title of Coolest Pet in Popville to top his impressive life accomplishments.

  • This is a tough one. I wonder if my boss will let me off early today so I can go home and think about it?

    [. . .]

    Ok. I voted for Rosie. Izzy and Phoebe are tied for the cutest, but Rosie wins b/c this is for the coolest pet. How can volunteering your time not be cute?

  • Yeah, exactly, this contest has gotten seriously derailed from “Coolest pet” to Hallmark “awwwww…..” moments! I reserve my vote.

  • I can’t believe that the winner is going to be a cat. How sad.

  • Izzie is definitely the CUTEST, but this competition is all about COOLNESS.

    My vote is for Miiiister. That belly is fantastic.

  • izzy! those freaking eyes….

  • I still vote for Mookie.

  • I am too heartbroken for Ike and his big thumbed paws. I can only imagine his rage once he finds out… 24 claws on my nice new couch. Poor Ike!

  • Poor Davis- he obviously never catches a break in life. I sort of expect to see him hanging out at dark corner booth in bar on 6th street.

  • Did Celia just get 50 or 60 votes in a very short period if time? Not that it really matters, but it seems unusual that the vote would jump that much in such a short period.

  • Bandit should be in the running…. he’s sooooooooo cute!!!!

  • Evidently Celia’s fans sleep late.

    How can anyone be voting for Izzy — a resident of Logan Circle? This poll is for the coolest pet in Petworth! Also, questions are emerging as to whether Izzy’s age has been misrepresented by the Chinese government.

  • I thought it could be pets from anywhere in “PoPVille” which is a pretty large area and expanding!

    although Charlie was a Petworth resident…

  • Contest rules:

    “Back in January we had a coolest pet in Petworth contest. I’ve recently been approached to start up a new contest including all the PoP neighborhoods – Petworth (if you didn’t enter last time), Columbia Heights, U Street, Logan Circle, Shaw, Mt. Pleasant, hell wherever you live. So without further ado the first entry is “Kilo” from Park View.”

  • Hands down Phoebe represents the character of Coolest Pet in Petworth. That dog has the grit, aesthetic appeal, and a curiosity born out of wanderlust that we so often see, interact with, and enjoy about this neighborhood. Izzy is damn cute but if we look beyond the initial ‘aww’ factor Phoebe is the clear incarnation of our community. Sorry Iz but you have the distinct look of evil behind those vacant, bewildered, and undeniably cute eyes.

  • Rosie has contacted me to engage the services of James Baker and look into the voting for Celia. We’re headed for the Supreme Court on this one.

  • One question about Miiister – is he grooming, or does he actually sleep like that (i.e like me after 17 beers)?

  • PoP,
    This may be best solved by never declaring a winner. You may have opened a box here. People will begin wanting only cat vs. cat or only dog vs. dog, and then is it only big dogs or are small dogs in a separate category? Pet owners are a fierce breed indeed, I would quietly add a few ‘gardens of the day’ until this one slips under the radar…

  • I think Izzie is photoshopped.

  • Celia is prepared to take it to the high court, she’s got friends there too. She can’t help having friends around the world who are getting the vote out for her, it’s a grassroots effort.

  • I think the majority of Celia’s votes are coming from all the drivers who stop in the street to yell at me while I am walking her: “What did you do to your dog?”

  • damaged_in_DC- Davis went from a studio apt to a house with a backyard where he chases squirrels and rats. He’s definitely moved up in the world.

  • Miiiister is grooming, but because he’s so fat, he can’t really reach farther than what you see in the picture!

  • Phoebe doesn’t just lie around and look cute! She actually tackles the rodent problem in Park View. 7 rats down sofar! I think as a way of saying thank you, we should all vote for Phoebs!

  • I can’t decide! I think I’ll abstain this time around (on a side note, I think entries of pets less than a year old should be disqualified — puppies and kittens are just too damn adorable…)

    Hmmm, given the late-breaking news of Phoebe’s selfless vermin-catching-related community service, she may get my vote after all!

  • PoP: What about runners-up? So like, in the event that Izzy’s huuuuge noggin causes her to tumble over and she can no longer perform her duties, Rosie is waiting in the wings to claim her scholarship and tiara?

  • Phoebe once saved a bunch of children that had fallen down a well.

  • Hmmm. Phoebe may be more deserving than Celia. Celia once falsely reported that a child had fallen down a well in the hope that she would get pets from the rescuers and members of the media. I also feel like I once saw her using her “bad” leg when no one was looking.

  • It’s a sad statement on our community that this really has become a contest of Cat vs. Dog.
    (Please vote for the dog)

  • Vote for Celia, the 3-legged darling. She needs a “leg-up.” Besides she IS the coolest pet. Paws-down.

  • I have it on good authority that both Celia and Izzy are analysts at a DC think-tank called the Legacy Foundation, and they specialize in ways to privatize water supplies in the third world, sell small arms to death squads, and deregulate nuclear power.

    Vote Rosie.

  • I know for a fact that “Izzy” has had some work done.

  • Izzy’s extensive plastic surgery is the least of her skeletons:

  • omg, Izzy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • saf

    Mr Kitty feels dissed, and insists that I vote on his behalf for Miiiiister, as that is the way that his favorite vet tech pronounces his name. (Meeeester Keeeeetie). This makes him feel like he is cool too.

  • Izzy is cute indeed. But is that really the standard for being the coolest pet in Petworth? I would vote for Rosie, but that photo clearly evidences pandering for votes.

  • anyone who doesn’t vote for cecilia will get fleas!!!

  • It pains me to point out the truth about some of these these entrants but Celia chain smokes with all three paws.

    Also I once saw “Izzy” braiding his fur in public in front of a kite store.

  • Some commentators raise an excellent point: what exactly are the criteria for coolest pet? Rosie’s a thirteen-year old civic-minded cool pooch who is in her element when she’s hanging with DC school kids, working for positive change by teaching them to love animals and to call the Humane Society when they see them being mistreated. Had she known this would devolve into a beauty contest, she would have told me to submit the photo of her curled up in her favorite chair, or taking her morning walk through Petworth with her feline companions, Mr. Kitty and Mooch. Vote for Rosie! Change you can believe in!

  • Okay, Rosie said that last post sounded maybe a little, uh, bitter. She says she’s happy to lose gracefully and will keep on working in DC schools no matter what. She thinks we should be more concerned about the company Izzy is keeping (thanks, Odentex!).

  • these comments are great..that said celia i has my vote and my heart. yay celia!!!!

  • Rosie’s mom, I’m sure Izzy appreciates you and others making fun of her. Very mature. Losing gracefully indeed.

  • koschey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way too cool for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I vote for IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I vote for Rosie – she’s done so much to promote responsible pet ownership in the DC school rooms. Kids who never gave a thought to the plight of stray dogs or unloved pets now think hard before they ignore distress – Rosie has shown them that love goes both ways! Rosie Pie, aka Dr. Dog, is a cancer survivor with a fan base far larger than the Petworth area – vote for her!

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