Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #22, #23, and #24

Rusty and W

“I thought I would share a photo of my Golden Retriever, Rusty, who is easily the coolest dog in 20011.”

Entries 23 and 24 after the jump.

Oliver's Nose

“I’d like to enter my cat, Oliver, into your “coolest pet” contest. Oliver is a 1-year old tuxedo cat who lives in Columbia Heights. He has a black back, tail and head, and white chest, stomach and paws. Basically, it looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo. He is a supporter of Democratic candidate Barack Obama (see photos), enjoys planning yachting trips on nautical charts, assisting my wife with knitting projects,and most of all enjoys sitting in the window, keeping an eye on Columbia Heights. We adopted Oliver from the Washington Humane Society this past January, and I think he’s an ideal candidate for your contest.”


This is Puku and Pika.

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  • I love the juxtaposition of the tuxedo-wearing, aspiring yacht-owner Oliver, with the photo below, with Pika up to his ears in the toilet bowl. Very amusing!

  • My kitties love a good tidy bowl cocktail too!

  • If Pika liked to consume the contents of the toilet, you could nickname her Pica Pika.


  • Anon…you CRACK ME UP!!! There’s no such thing as bad potty humor. 😀

  • i dont get it…

  • Cristobal – Pica is a condition where someone tends to eat unusual or inappropriate things (e.g. tissue paper, dirt).

  • Actually, Puku is drinking from the toilet. And, no, he doesn’t have pica, though it’s a very sly little pun — unless, of course, you consider a cat that loves salsa and any hot tomato sauce to have pica. (SRSLY… he’ll BEG for it.) Pika, on the other hand, is drinking from the sink — and she doesn’t have any strange eating behavior, but is a very, very odd, talkative little cat. Thanks for the nod, PoP!

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