Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #19, #20 and #21


Looking like a strong finalist contender: “This is Arty. She’s a little over 2 years old and lives in Columbia Heights.”

Unfortunately, Submissions are closed no more entries will be accepted at this time. Entries 20 and 21 after the jump.


“Here’s our cat Miiiister (pronounced “Meester.”) He is a resident of Columbia Heights. My roommate and I got him by responding to a flier that claimed he was a “1-year old kitten.” This 14.2 pound beast is clearly NOT a kitten. But when we met him he was just so friendly and affectionate we kept him anyway! He also is missing some teeth and half his tail, which you can’t see in this photo…evidence that he’s truly a bad-ass tough guy! hehe.”


“Bandit (Poop) Hobbs is a 10 month old Lab mix. A graduate of K-9 Divine, Bandit enjoys pooping, terrorizing the cat and chewing on mommies everything. Despite the Supreme Courts decision to overturn the gunlaw, “the Poop”, does not plan on purchasing a firearm.


Bandit. Woofin it up in the Heights!”

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  • Aw—- Bandit is soooooooo cute!

  • Is Arty a chow/rottweiler?? Great look- great name.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat pull off such a huge, white beer gut in quite this fashion. Clearly, Miiiister is the most handsome cat on Chapin Street.

  • Miiiiister can has no more cheezburger.

  • Having personally met Miiiiister, I can describe him as a sophisticated beast. When presented with a laser pointer circling the floor, he glanced at it briefly, then went back to watching Animal Planet. Which makes him considerably more difficult to amuse than myself.

  • I’ve heard so much about Miiister! Now I can put a name with a face. From the looks of it, he is certainly full of himself.

  • Missing teeth and a tail!? Miiiister is a tough guy! And he seems so much like a little Santa with his big jolly belly and white fur.

  • Fame runs in the family. ‘Stache, Miiister’s beloved cousin, made the top 20 “Kitlers” on “Kittens that look like Hitler” Website. With Stache’s mustache and Miiister’s buddha belly, I think the mothers, Jennifer and I, are becoming vicariously famous.

  • oh my hell! that Miiiister is adorable. love him to kibble n bit! Dana

  • Miiiister clearly takes the cake. Poop and Arty are cute, but the question of the competition is, “Who’s the COOLEST pet?” No question here; absolutely no question …

  • I’ve heard of this Miiiister who lives just up the road from me. I’m fairly new to the neighborhood, but as a former drifter in Chevy Chase, I know a winner when I see one. He’s also lent me several play mice and toys over the months, including his coveted laser pointer (which I’ve yet to capture….). He sure has my vote!

  • Ahem….Bandit is clearly the coolest pet! He has participated in a charity walk (MS) and he recently acquired kennel cough from Dogs by Day, despite having been vaccinated 🙁 …..which then led to him puking on mommy’s face while she was sleeping. He is currently on antibiotics.


  • Arty is part rottie. We don’t know the other half. maybe chow because of her tongue. maybe not?

  • So Miiister hasn’t participated in any MS walks. At least he can keep his composure (to some extent) after a long night of cat nip and milk.

  • Can Miiister poop on command? Arty can! How cool is that!

  • As you can see, Miister poops when he pleases and that is just bad-ass.

  • Bandit obviously “takes” the cake……..that’s why he’s bandit.

  • MIIIster loves to watch the Law and Order on the couch with his favorite “girls”. He practically holds a law degree by now. Miiister will keep the neighborhood safe for sure……VOTE MIIISTER……

  • Miiiiister vs Charlie

    in the Battle Royale for all the glory!

  • That is an awesome picture of Arty!

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