Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #15, #16, and #17


“I’ve attached two photos of my adorable dog, Jake. He’s 8 years old, enjoys long walks in the park and gnawing on his toys. He’s a husky mix.”

Entries #16 and #17 after the jump.


“Meet Comet, aka “Commie”. He and I live off of Blagden Alley, near the Convention Center. He’s the coolest cat ever and should be recognized as such.”

Phoebe snaggle tooth

“This is my dog Phoebe, she lives in Park View and looks a lot tougher than she is!”

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    I’ve met her, she’s awesome, as are her humans. I’d typically vote for the boxer in any competition like this, but Phoebe is the bee’s effing KNEES. That’s it. Winner announced. Other pets get the hell off the stage.

  • Ack! That overbite! It’s precious.


    Say it with me people!!!!

  • Love Comet’s laid back pose and big, hey-I’m-just-chilling, wide eyes!

  • Jake looks ADORABLE! Come on, who hasn’t felt like that after some days in August in DC!

  • Yeah – that Comet kitty is looking VERY C-O-O-O-O-O-O-L ……I can see who’s the Boss in this casa – Commie’s desk, Commie’s books, Commie’s wine?

  • Yeah, Comet’s a pretty laid back feline. And yes terra, he runs ‘tings around my apartment. I’m just there to feed him and support his catnip habit.

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