Columbia Heights Streetscape

Streetscape Columbia Heights-plaza

A reader writes: “Have you seen the huge architectural model of the Columbia Heights “public realm” plan for streetscape improvements yet? It’s located inside the lobby of the BB&T Bank inside the Kenyon Square building, just outside the Columbia Heights Metro station. It’s a large model showing all the buildings in central Columbia Heights, with the proposed changes to the streets, sidewalks, and the design of the triangular plaza.”

For some reason the folks at BB&T Bank won’t let anyone take photos of the model. Fortunately, I was able to track down some PDF images that look pretty sweet. I didn’t know that a fountain will be going in! Nice. Anyway if you can’t see the image clearly as click below on “CH Streetscape” for a PDF version. Looks good, yeah?

CH Streetscape

On a side note, it looks like they put in some more bicycle locking stations:

More images of the planned streetscape after the jump.

Streetscape Columbia Heights-Model

Streetscape Columbia Heights

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  • It would be nice if there were some actual action with this plan, rather than talk. It’s been talked about for years now.

  • Speaking of that area- I sent an e-mail to Jim Graham the other day asking if there was any interest/action toward bringing a weekend farmers market into that area and he wrote back saying that he thought it was a good idea and would look into it. I have NO idea what is involved in bringing a farmers market to a neighborhood, or if there are even enough farmers who would be interested in this additional location, but it you like the idea, let Jim know!

  • You know what would be totally cool – a bike check. I would love to ride my bike to metro and be able to check it. I am slightly too far to walk and there is no way that I would leave my bike locked up there for more than 15 minutes.

  • i would much rather have a farmers market than a disney land cosmetic brick design extravaganza… looks like reston or shirlington… zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • So far I’m not that blown away by the design and I have some worries about the capacity of DC Parks and Recreation to maintain a fountain (just look at their own headquarters!). In any case, civic space like this is hard to come by, so I’ll keep my hopes up. I’m a big fan of the farmer’s market idea, but there is one just a few blocks down at Mt. Pleasant. Perhaps it could be a farmers market with a particular twist.

  • My biggest concern is that we already have a TON of brick and paving in the area. How about some more green in the design, more flowers, trees, grass, bushes, anything, but please make it as green as possible.

  • petworthy, I was just about to say it looks like the original designs for Columbia, MD.

  • I’d rather see them tone down the kitsch a little, and just provide us with classic red brick sidewalks and Washington Globe-style streetlamps, keeping it simple and timeless. I don’t think the Disney-fied curvilinear pavements will age very well. I really like the look of what they did with 8th Street SE from Eastern Market metro down to the Navy Yard, it’s very nicely done.

  • well i mean its hard for CH not to look like the new burbs of ballston etc when it is in fact newer even. As Mr T said they should try and tie it in to the surrounds and with some more mature trees maybe it will all come together. Not really a fan of any of the architechture in the new buildings. The buildings going up by ny ave metro and the ballpark seem to be more urban and advanced then what we ended up with.

  • there was a thriving farmers market in columbia heoghts up ntil two years a go when they started the construction near the metro. ted lousa i believe from grahm’s office was involved with it.

  • farmers market? i have a columbia heights farmers market tee shirt.

  • Is it legal for BB&T to prohibit photography?

  • Cupcake, I’ve left my bike locked up to the bike racks (locking station, really?) by the columbia heights metro exit or in front of CVS, all day many times, and overnight at least twice. You just need a good U-lock or two.

  • so glad they paved over the kitty litter here with concrete–still, it needs more benches or something

  • Today I emailed Bowser the following:

    “Please confirm whether the medians on New Hampshire Ave. NW will have tree plantings in addition to the sod that was recently laid. I was at an ANC meeting where this was a topic of debate – please clarify EXACTLY what Petworth residents can expect to see in these medians as well as when.”

    She emailed back:
    “I understand this issue was discussed at two or three ANC4C meetings and they voted for trees in the medians after much discussion. The tree planting seasons are Fall and Spring so I’m guessing that trees will come in later this Fall. DDOT can confirm this.”

    Anna Chamberlin of DDOT emailed back:
    “Ms. Bowser is correct. I am waiting to hear back from our Urban Forestry Administration regarding when the planting will be completed. As soon as I hear back, I will let you know.”

  • oops, wrong topic. meant to post that to the new hampshire median topic. sorr folks.

  • there is a farmers market two blocks away in mount pleasant.

  • Both my bike and my husbands were stolen from the bike lock-up in front of the Dupont metro – 2 U-locks and a chain lock – during broad daylight on day. There had to be a bizillion people around and no-one did anything about it – we actually found the hack-sawed and broken locks. Manned bike checks would be great.

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