China Construction In Cleveland Park


I thought this was pretty wild mostly because all the workers seemed to be Chinese (certainly Asian). I’d never seen a construction site manned by all Chinese (Asians). And then I saw these letters surrounding the work site.


Anyone know anything about China Construction? Just curious.  I may be thinking too deeply on this one…

It’s a sweet section on Porter Street so hopefully it’ll look good when completed.


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  • It’s the residential part of the new Chinese embassy, I believe. They imported all of their workers for security reasons, so the CIA wouldn’t put bugs in the cement. haha

  • You should have seen the housing for the workers while they were buliding the embassy in Van Ness. And we thing apartment living in our neck of the woods is bad. Scary!

  • We do a lot of work with workers in China, so my colleague went by the embassy construction site to talk with them in Chinese to see how their stay in D.C. has been. Needless to say, the workers didn’t really feel comfortable speaking with him. They did say, though, that once their work is complete, they’ve been promised a tour of Washington. Until then, they aren’t allowed out of the work compounds.

  • i’m just happy their doing something with this prime real estate. the building that, until a month ago had been there, was completely abandoned for at least 2 years. i could never believe that there was an entirely vacant apartment building less than a block from metro in cleveland park!

  • that is being built by literal slaves being held behind barbed wire at the former days inn on new york avenue. really pretty amazing that there is not more outrage about this.

  • I was just going to ask if they were paying them chinese wages? Eric what more do you know about this? In the case of the Embassy its considered Chinese land I guess but is the same true of this housing bit? That being said It looks good but I am always for more density by metro stops and think this could have supported 2 or 3 more stories even and not been out of line with the neighborhood.

  • The folks whose windows overlook the back of that site would surely disagree that a six or seven-story building isn’t out of line with the neighborhood.

    China Construction America has no web presence and has a somewhat slapdash way of going about working on the site. The demo subcontractor, however, was quick and thorough. Through this morning, the site has been quiet for over a week, aside from a handful of men running sprinklers and spreading straw. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the construction financing isn’t in place, so they’re prepping the lot for something of a quiet period.

    No tie to the Chinese Embassy, however.


    yes that’s right they’re locked behind barbed wire fences 24/7 and have been so for 3 years

  • it’s on van ness north of conn ave- across from udc- saw the construction for the last three years. a lot of workers were housed in pre-fab kind of units adjacent to udc (that they probably built for themselves.)

  • Does anyone know if they were involved in the HUGE pothole that appeared right outside the entrance to their work site? It was more like a crater. I remember driving over it back in July and I almost totalled my car on it. If it was them, I hope they do a better job with buildings than they did with the street…

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