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  • bring back the BORF. Looked good then, terrible now. Graffiti can be good sometimes.

  • agreed. do not understand the citys war on graffiti. I love my metro ride out to silver spring each day from union station to silver spring and am saddened that one day fenty will send out a bunch of guys with gray paint and rollers to cover the miles of graffiti that line the tracks. Graffiti is a great art form though we could use less taggers and more banske esque artists.

  • now the borf building is just an another empty blighted building.
    every building in that row is empty, though one is being worked

  • Any idea what “tenant” is going to take the Borf building’s place?

  • That’s a shame, the “before” pic looked awesome.

    Question: Of all the colors to use, that shade of gray is scary and makes me want to run away — isn’t there a better color available?

  • DC_Chica- I agree, I think they must have bought the paint from a Navy ship yard surplus sale.

  • Does anyone know what this building was used for? I was surprised to see the building painted over when I took this picture. I had been by it one night (when it still was Borf covered) maybe 3 weeks before I took this, and both doors were open, light was pouring out of them, there were a bunch of 20-30 year olds milling about in front of it, going in and out of it. I tried to take pictures of that as well but the I only got fuzzy ones before the light changed to green.

  • it was used as a performance venue largely for punk bands and art exhibits.

  • To add to Eric’s comments, the owners of the building let the “Borf Brigade” use the building for free for several months, but but then wanted to start charging rent and they were unable to agree upon the terms.

  • I agree that the current gray cover-up is very institutional but I will not glorify any of Virginia resident BORF’s vandalism inflicted on DC.

  • what happened to the dude who was arrested for tagging this? didn’t he get community service or something?

  • oh and i agree with herb’s comment above–there were many beautiful buildings and areas that the perpetrator spray painted over too–not all looked like this abandoned building

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