BloomBars 3rd Bloom Presents: Makepeace Brothers fresh off a world tour, House of Blues and the Fillmore


Ed. note: I’m going to milk this Maureen Bunyan photo for as long as possible.

From an email:

3222 11th street, Washington, DC 20010 US
(right next door to Wonderland Ballroom)
Saturday, August 2, 9:00PM

The Makepeace Brothers – With an unclassifiable eclectic mix of bluegrass, jazz, Brazilian, African world rhythms and Celtic, their sounds are as worldly as their messages. Just ask the thousands of Jason Mraz’ fans they played for during the “Music Magic and Make Peace” tour. You have got to check a song on their site:

BloomBars – Don’t be surprised if you haven’t caught word. BloomBars is Columbia Heights’ new decidedly underground, spontaneous and inspirational space for local and global art, music and film you more than likely haven’t seen or heard. It’s raw. It’s organic, and slowly rising from a seed–offering an opportunity for guests to say, “I watched it grow when it looked like it was going to be a weed.” And did we mention that it’s free? Well, it’d be nice if you threw in a $5 donation to keep the lights on. Sneak a peak: (vids are up).

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (supports the venue and the musicians)

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  • We caught the tail end of the Makepeace Brothers show, and it was awesome. Thanks for the tip. It’s a cool space, and I hope the Bloombars folks can figure out a way to keep the lights on… I’m thinking an alcohol license might be part of the equation.

    Anyone know if there’s any such thing as a BYOB permit in DC?

  • Was Maureen Bunyan about to get up and freestyle?

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