Bizarre Mural Gets Painted Over

DSCN2280, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

With a less bizarre mural. Here’s what it used to look like:


Which do you like better?

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  • The new one is simply fresh. It’s more thought out and has better design. Would be cool if it were more of a mural than just a tag, but it’s fresh nonetheless.

  • What does the new one say? I can’t read graffiti font very well.

  • Oh damn, I really liked that mural. The new one is cool too, I guess, but I definitely wouldn’t spend as much time looking at it as I would the first one.

  • I prefer the one with candy flying out of the Washington Monument pinata.

  • I find the original more thought-provoking. I believe both had talented artists.

  • I liked the old one. Something about that Gyro dripping over the rowhouses while Mr. Moneybags makes off in the red sedan really set it apart. Not to mention the whole monument thing.

  • the original made no sense, but I liked it a lot more. We need more murals in this city.

  • The new one is just a big tag! The old one was so much cooler. No idea what it was supposed to mean, but it sure was a lot more interesting to look at.

  • Agree with JAMIE, old one was a lot more art while new one is a lot more Tag, too bad it had to be one or the other and not one above another, or otherwise somewhere else.

  • Since the old one was clean and very interesting, I wonder what provoked its being covered? Who would be responsible for the wall? The gyro building owner?

  • The gyro brothers don’t own that building, it’s actually owned by the same folks who own the Saloon on U Street.

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