Apocalypse Tuesday’s Last Post I Promise: Bloods in DC

Thanks to a reader for posting this story from the Examiner called “Bloods Rising? Police fear infiltration in D.C. area”. The article says:

“Police noticed gang graffiti and teens strolling through the streets wearing the gang’s red colors about six months ago, Greene said. The Crips haven’t solidified themselves in Northeast D.C., he added.”

Remember the outrage over this post?

So don’t forget to volunteer with DC Public Schools and hopefully you can make a positive difference.

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  • Typical MPD “intelligence”. Rolling (quickly) through the ‘hood and they spot a few red ball caps.

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • O crap! I have incidentally been to a Blood’s rally, they told everyone to wear red and it there was like 10 thousand people there!!

    Except I think they changed their name from ‘Bloods’ to ‘Capitals’
    Also, i have seen thousands of blue caps and clothes!
    The Crips have changed their name to ‘Nationals’

    jeez … keep up MPD

  • Cue Nate in three, two, one “ship those bloods east of the river where they belong!”

    seriously. as POP has noted hopefully not sarcastiaclly. Positive Change requires Positive Actions. We have been jailing gang members for decades and they have been killing each other for decades and where has it gotten us? THEY ARE FRANCHISING FOR EFFS SAKE. that approach WILL not work. HAS not worked. outreach is the answer

  • outreach…or more severe punishment..definitely something besides jail anyway.

  • How about prisons that don’t foster gang mentality as “the only means of survival”. If your health or life is threatened because you are on your own in prison, you have a pretty strong inclination to join a gang and be given some protection. We need outreach and better safety within the prisons so that reform is possible or at the very minimum not be fostering an environment were criminals can friggen network, exchange skill sets, and become more disillusioned with what society holds for them…

  • I saw a bunch of people in red shirts in Target!

  • everyone who is making fun of the red shirt thing is naive. Talk to the crews on your block. Those guys may just be telling me rumors of the bloods coming to DC, but you can damn well bet that the guys I call the cops on 3 days a week know a lot more about cocaine sales than you and they told me the Bloods were “all up in here, sniffing around.”

  • Odentex, other scoffers: you all obviously did not read the article. “Typical MPD ‘intelligence'”? — The article had nothing to do with the MPD. Nowhere did anyone say anything like “they’re wearing red, they must be Bloods”. Find out who Ronald Moten is and if he knows whereof he speaks. Look at Newark, NJ and see how funny this all is.

    Of course, you won’t because you already know everything.

  • Yuh “Anonymous” (Neener), the Examiner is a quality product… a quality product for wrapping fish. Plenty of unattributed quotes and a bunch of lazy journalism that, in the end, equals exactly *zero* verified crimes committed by “Bloods” in DC, exactly *zero* identified members of the bloods in DC, and boils down to “we seen ’em wearing some red bandannas!”.

    And yes, oh yes, there’s noted blood gang expert Mr. R. Moten… and how do we know he’s a blood gang expert? Well, by cracky, the Examiner just told us so in the same article! Crack reporting work there.

    I may not know everything, but I also won’t happily swallow anything.

    As far as you getting the serious info tip from your buddies on “the corner,” was this before or after you asked them to do some tap dancing for you?

    I personally believe Al Capone’s Southsiders are taking over the drug trade in the alleys behind my house. How do I know, you ask? I know because I done seen at least one fella out there wearing a Whitesox cap. I learned this investigative technique from the Examiner.

    I just hope I don’t end up sleeping with the fishes.

  • Odentex, you are one naive sucker.

  • Odentex, you verified my prediction about what you would do. No point in learning anything when you already know everything, right?

  • Anonymous (Neener): I am sorry I am not “down” with the tap-dancing corner boys like you are, otherwise I could buy into just about anything as well. Poor sucker me, i’m just a jive-talkin’ fool.

    Shut my mouth!

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