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The Allegro located at 3460 14th street is coming along nicely. You can see some of the red brick starting to go in. It looks pretty good from the alley as well:


We learned a while ago that this project is going to be rentals. So do you think these will rent out pretty quickly? Anyone know what the rent will cost?

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  • I mentioned this before in another comment thread but what Columbia Heights needs now is OFFICE SPACE. as it is now only residential and commercial. Some Office space would add a daytime base of consumers that would really anchor the area. Its prime for it with the metro too. People point out the similarities to Columbia Heights and Friendship heights but we are lacking in that sense. If condos are going rental and rentals are sitting vacant etc some of these yet to be completed projects should think about that as a possibility.

  • Anon- You’re absolutely right. The most vibrant areas are ones that have (to use a cliche) “24/7” activity. The restaurants are probably going to be lacking in lunchtime business until some offices begin to locate there…

  • Uh, they need to move a little faster. That building seems to be taking forever, I’ve lived around the corner for a year and it seems to only recently made any real progress.

  • It’s certainly a great idea. The little bit of office that exists in the Tivoli has been very successful. The problem now though is you are talking ground up conversions. Its not impossible, but damn near close to convert projects that are begun into office space. Office as a rule (rules being what is considered good leasable office) follows different column spacings, glass to wall opening requirements, building systems, etc…at that point we are talking completely scrapping any prior work and starting from square one, which often times will put developers so far behind in there cyclical schedules that projects won’t be profitable any more.

  • well a little birdie told me that there may be a good bit of office space coming to CH very soon….

  • care to elaborate, anonneemooo?

  • start talkin annoneemoo… What buildable space is there left in CH anyway?

  • speaking of that stretch, check this article:

    sweetime cafe sounds very cool.

  • Few establishments ever seem to weather the storm of gentrification. The ones that do always seem stronger for it. Bens Chili Bowl didn’t ALWAYS serve vegan chili cheese burgers after all… Some of the salvadorian, mexican places along that strip are great looking establishments. With a tofu burrito on the menu and a margarita happy hour who knows. It will be sad to see the corridor shift from a culturaly funky neighborhood to yet another yuppie avenue for sure. With all the development projects in the works for the soldiers home and NE and Poplar Point. and around the water front and ballpark one wonders if there will be any character left in 30 years or if DC will just morph into northern virginia? There’s always baltimore I guess.

  • One might argue that Washington has very little character to begin with. To be sure, “Liquor,” “Liquor,” “Check-Cashing,” with a bunch of drunks loitering on the sidewalk, might not add up to “character.” But that is the scene on 14th, from Monroe almost all the way up to the old car barn.

    The old row houses sure look better than the new building at 14th and Spring, though.

  • Character or not, by the way, Columbia Heights and Petworth have NoVA beat every time.

  • id argue there is a lot more to it than “liquor liqour check cashing.” but even that beats “starbucks starbucks panera bread” in my book

  • I think that the developers of DC USA really missed an opportunity when they didn’t build a few floors of office space above the shops there, especially given its proximity to the Metro.

    As for the Allegro, I doubt the rents will be cheap.

  • And who would flock to those offices given that there is a huge amount of office space down town available and being built? Nah, not convinced. Building office space is probably a LOT more expensive than building a retail space too. Plus, they might have had trouble with zoning anyway, who knows.

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