A Random Spot To Lock Up Your Bike

DSCN2166, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So I saw this bike locked up in the middle of the bridge between Woodley Park and Dupont. I couldn’t figure out the scenario in which one would just get off their bike and lock it up to the middle of a bridge. Any thoughts?

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  • Yikes, maybe a jumper who didn’t want anyone to get his bike without a struggle?!

  • probably someone who didn’t want the evil bicycle gangs to easily steal it with no one noticing- had 2 bicycles stolen last summer, both locked up with good locks. I hate those #$%^&* people. But not as much as the truly bad person who stole my car in April.

    DC crime. Can’t wait to get out of this hole.

  • By the way- one of the bikes was stolen in Dupont Circle at the metro in the middle of the day- came home from work and it was gone- another stolen out of the garage of our apartment building- and my car was stolen a block from the police station at V St NW near Dupont/U Street.

  • I saw this bike too! The jumper idea popped into my head too.

  • Person may have been caught in the rain…it’s happened to me before, though not on a bridge 🙂

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