Wow, Meridian Hill Baptist Church For Sale?!?

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Meridian Hill Baptist church is of course the church that was damaged by the terrible fire that decimated the apartment building on Mt. Pleasant Street a couple of months ago. It is located on some prime real estate on 16th Street. That’s really sad if they were forced to sell because they didn’t have proper insurance.

Now having said that, if they do end up selling what do you think this spot will become? Another church? Condos? Restaurant/club? Full photo after the jump.


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  • now that is an awesome church sign.

  • This would be magnificent…

  • I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was for sale before the fire.

  • Captain Easychord, there is a place kinda like that in Richmond that use to be an old Bank.

    What I would really like to see is a church move into actuall churches insted of building ugly new ones

  • The church was for sale before the fire, and they were asking for some crazy money for it then.

  • Does anyone know what the building was prior to a Baptist church? Seems unlikely that a classic Greek (pagans!) Ionic column facade would appeal to Baptists…

  • Why is there an expectation that the church was not fully-insured?

    I also believe it was for sale prior to the fire. I hope it goes condo because it’s a magnificent building that people should enjoy.

  • I took pictures of the church the day after the fire, including some from above showing the damage:

    Also is a picture of the “for sale” sign on that day, so it wasn’t the fire.

  • It’s been up for sale for give or take 2 years.

  • There is a music club in Amsterdam, called the Paradiso, that is located in an old church. Wonderful venue, with stained glass above the stage, and seating and a bar (if I recall) up in the choir loft. Old churches, with acoustics and size, can make nice clubs. See more here:

    Of course, parking and residential neighbor concerns about noise, hours and crowds would likely make that an untenable option, it would be nice to have an in-city alternative to the 9:30 – not that there is anything wrong with the 9:30, but extra options are nice.

  • It was a Methodist church in the ’60s.

  • If this area falls under the purview of the Mt Pleasant Neighborhood Association [MPNA] then there’s no way in hell it’s becoming a club or anything with live music. Those folks are super-anti-nightlife-crazy.

  • OntarioRoader, this is the second time you posted that information without acknowledging that a negotiation was reached this spring and the MPNA is mostly out of that business this summer:

  • My mistake. I apparently haven’t been keeping up on things. Thanks for the correction.

  • They must still have SOME influence. doesnt anyone find it wierd that Mount Pleasant St., sexy a mainstreet as it is, has been basically completely ignored by gentrification. Radius, Tonic, Marx. Thats it and frankly they all suck. Marx looks good in comparison though. Other than that its laundry and dollor stores. Im not saying it needs to be whitewashed by any means. But really. how come 18th, U Street, 11th st. all thrive while Mt Pleasant., most bad ass of them all just withers?

  • its called long term leases.

  • What’s wrong with Mount Pleasant Street? What would you rather it become? Chinatown? U Street?

  • mt pl st is lacking in anything interesting original or risky..just some fun new energy would be positive. why not? you are right there is nothing wrong. but that doesnt mean that it could not use a little kick in the commercial butt. i believe we all have something to gain from change. satsis kills communities. respect the old and rejoyce in the new no need to fret over the possibilitie of the wicked wicked ways of ust.or ctown mt. pleasant wtih a bite an arty bite if you will

  • POP,

    You really need to check before you post. That For Sale sign has been up since at least 2006, when I moved into the Majestic Apartments next door.

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