Worst Name For a Club

DSCN1567, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m fairly certain that if you identify yourself as a “Bad Boy” it automatically disqualifies you from being one.

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  • I almost missed the punch line: the fine print around the logo says “Exclusively for Law Enforcement Professionals.”

    A quick Google shows that this is a real cop-affiliated organization.

    You’d think they’d feel some professional obligation (or at least peer pressure) to not affect such a thuggish name.

  • Please tell me this is a fake plate!

  • Especially when it’s a club “exclusively for Law Enforcement Professional”. It makes me wonder how professional they are.

  • Its a ref to Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gon do. Theme song from COPS

  • or it’s just stupid…

    it’s a big sign of the type of cops that “community policing” reformers inside police department have to deal with. the macho, head-bustin types.

  • one word: LAME

  • Dumb name or not, these kinda plates can provide another way for the brothers in blue to recognize each other when off the clock — which, I’m sure, can prove to be beneficial to them when parking, excessive speed or other legal fudges are concerned.

  • I saw this exact same license plate on a red corvette in DC this weekend. I first thought it was British Broadcasting Corporation license plate and I was glad we were honoring what is probably one of the best news organizations in the world. However, come to realize that it is just another thug wanna be cop giving every cop a bad reputation.

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