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DSCN0893, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From Herb: “Due to the high cost of gasoline, 4th of July parade goers were asked to line up and march by the Columbia Heights float.”

Runner up is from Chrissy: “The Not So Secret Garden”

Email me directly so I can get you your t-shirts.

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  • weak…

    this isn’t even in columbia heights!

  • Yes it is – Columbia Heights official border goes to Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road. I’m on Princeton and Park Place, title to my house says “Columbia Heights”. This area is often referred to as Park View – a name I really like but it doesn’t give the bump in prestige the Columbia Heights has. The funny thing is – when I first moved here I didn’t want people to know it was Columbia Heights because of the images of gangs and problems that everyone had.

  • Congrats! Herbs was awesome!

  • Chrissy got robbed. She’s the winner in my heart… although I did like Herb’s too.

    Chrissy, I would provide you an official “Grant Circle Pop’N’Locker Crew” t-shirt… but I wouldn’t want you to get drive-by served for innocently wearing the colors. Right now we are riding low-pro since those devious (but untalented) Sherman Circlerlers are lurking around.

    A dance-off can happen at any second in this neighborhood — so watch out.

  • Thanks PoP! I think all the entries were great but we should all really thank EM for providing the background story to this photo.

    Did someone say “dance-off”?

  • hahahaha…thanks for your support Odentex! I think Herb’s was great though too (congrats Herb)!

    But if you’re looking to re-make “Colors” the dance-off version I’d be more than happy to play a Sean Penn character!

  • Herb: The never-ending war between the noble Grant Circle Pop’N’Lockers and the devious and slightly unattractive Sherman Circlers sometimes erupts into spontaneous dance-off confrontations. Typically Grant Circle totally serves the lowly denizens of Sherman Circle… and occasionally we have to break out our secret weapon: The Atomic Toprock.

    Pray you never have to witness the carnage.

  • Bring_it_on. Sundown in the middle of Illinois?

  • I have a sore knee… and the smallpox. Rain check?

  • I suppose. It best be that no leishmanias or plague arise next, your (lessor) circle’s pride is on the line here.

  • I keep my block litter free by scaring off litterers with my mad Macarena skillz.

  • such a nice story and great captions so happy now t.y.

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