Wild Inside Spiral Staircase

DSCN1232, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Yes I felt funny taking this picture. Am I crossing the lines of privacy with this one? I always figure if I can see it from the sidewalk then I can photograph it. Anyway, I thought this was really wild. I wonder if the staircase, while cool, is taking up valuable space in front of the big window?

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  • I have been looking at that house for years and years wondering the same damn thing…

  • i lived this house for about a year and half. Though cool-looking, the spiral staircase is more for function than form. The owners of the rowhouse converted it into two separate units and that spiral staircase and foyer is literally the entrance to the second floor unit. It does basically leave the first floor unit essentially windowless, but it allows the top unit to be really open.

  • I live in a house with a spiral staircase (not this one) and I can honestly say I can hate it. It may look cool until the first time you slip and fall going down it.

  • I always have thought that house looked cool as hell because of the staircase, but not so much anymore thanks to Anon shedding some light on it.

  • I’m with Herb. They look beautiful, but I turned down a couple condos/houses with them while I was looking, because I just figured it would be a nightmare if it was part of my daily routine. And getting furniture up it? Forget it.

  • after a few cocktails? bump-ka-bump splat splat a long way down

  • PoP, I agree, if you can see it from the sidewalk, it’s fair game. It doesn’t get creepy until you’re hiding in the bushes taking photos through a slit in the curtains.
    I had an apartment with a spiral staircase, aside from being a pain to get furniture upstairs where my bedroom was, it always felt rickety even though it was made of iron. Wet shoes or a bottle of wine?! You’re freaking toast… speaking from experience there.

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