Why are These Here?


Why are there these barriers in front of some regular row homes? Did someone famous live here back in the day? Am I missing something?

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  • Most likely they are there to discourage people from parking their cars on the sidewalk. They are all over Philly for that reason. Is it a more narrow street than the usual DC street?

  • Extend those chains between the posts and you have a fine place to hitch your horses!

  • Where are those? That would make answering the question easier.

  • how would that stop people from parking their cars?

  • E: because there are huge cement posts in the way.

  • Those are on S street, between 9th and 10th, right? I used to live in a group house there. No idea why those posts are there, but people run into them from time to time.

  • in the old days, a lot of church goers used to park their cars on the sidewalk there.

    maybe it was to deter illegal parking….. to stop those folks that were illegally parking in the name of “the lord”, without regard to public law….

  • I’ve always wondered why those were there. I hope someone discovers the reason. I’d be surprised to learn that it is to deter illegally parked churchgoers since the DC govt clearly has no problems with that.

  • hey gorch, i know i’m not a driver, but i would generally think the curb would do the trick.
    i guess you can’t stop those church goers though…

    seems like it would be equal in cost and much nicer if they had added tree boxes or something.

  • what saf said. you gotta start putting some addresses on these photos, PoP. when this was a “petworth” blog, we could kind of figure out where you were talking about things, but now that you wander all over the mid-atlantic taking pictures, it would be helpful if you’d let us know where your wanderings are taking us…

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