While I’m No Restauranteur…


I’d say while your establishment is open it might be a good idea to move the garbage cans from the front of your establishment. It’s not very appetizing. I’m just saying…

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  • maybe thier only option is to have there trash picked up out front and it was pick up day. i guess if thats true it would be better off by the curb

  • I think the same thing when I pass by the Florida Avenue grill at 11th and Florida. The smell of the trash cans lined up along the entire Florida Avenue side of the restaurant, along with the grease flowing out onto the sidewalk, grosses me out. They don’t have a good place to put them with the big condo building next door but you’d think they could come up with a more elegant and sanitary solution.

  • No one is a “Restauranteur.” You mean “Restaurateur.”

  • In some cities that would be illegal, whether storing them there or keeping them there to be picked up.

  • Frankly, that place does not look appetizing, with or without the trash cans..

  • Actually, while “restaurateur” is the main form of the word, “restauranteur” is a variant. 🙂

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