Where’s the Best Sushi in the City?


I really like the sushi at Tono (located on Connecticut in Woodley Park). Ed. note: I feel like there is a place for graffiti, primarily in alleys, the folks that put it here are a disgrace.  

So, where’s your favorite sushi located?

Here were the recommendations for best Indian, falafel, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern.

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  • I am a big fan of Tono. I also like Kaz Sushi Bistro on I Street, near the World Bank, though it is a little pricy.

    Yes, that is an awful piece (“tag”) of graffiti there. Some can be art, but this makes it all bad.

  • Sushi Taro, all the way! Not only is their sushi great, the rest of the menu is as authentic as the staff.

  • sushi taro at 17th and P has my heart… though I wish they also had a waiting area with a bar.

  • Despite the lack of much atmosphere, my absolute favorite place for sushi is Chan’s Mongolian Grill & Tokyo Sushi in the Convention Center. They have lots of special rolls that are not offered at any other places. Try the Sakura Roll…it is AMAZING!

    Plus, they have a pretty good beer selection as you can order any typical sushi place beer (Sapporo, Kirin, etc.) along with all of the Old Dominion beers and seasonals.

    Decent prices and friendly staff make this the best take-out and dine-in (remember though, no ambiance) spot for sushi.

  • Kotobuki all the way. When you have embassy guys snacking there and a real Japanese Chef (as opposed to Korean or Chinese), you know it’s good. The ex said it’s as close as she tried in DC to decent sushi.

  • A little place called Momo in Old Town. Run by Japanese, the place looks like what you’d find in a Tokyo back ally. Excellent fresh sushi, and they carry Orion beer (one of the few beers still brewed in Japan; Sapporo’s brewed by Molson in Canada, Kirin by Budweiser in LA).

  • Another vote for Kotobuki, though its relative inaccessibility is a drag. I also like Tono and Sushi Taro. There’s also a place on Wisconsin Avenue around Glover Park that is very good, but I’ve forgotten the name. I saw someone getting “omakase” (chef’s choice) there and it looked ridonkulous.

  • Sake Club in Woodley Park

  • i’m not much of a sushi person, since i’m a vegetarian, but my friends at work are partial to singapore bistro, on 19th just south of m street.

  • One of the three or four best meals I’ve ever had was at Kaz Sushi Bistro. Just unbelievable.

  • I’ve been digging Sake Club lately. They’re pricey but the fish is good. (Also, they’re coming to Columbia Heights so I’m patronizing their existing location as best I can). Sushi-Ko in Glover Park is good. I also like the little place around 21st & P, Sakana.


    there is nothing else to say. no other sushi joint in the city can touch this place.

  • IMGoph, as a fellow vegetarian who totally digs sushi, I can definitely recommend Sushi Taro as a place to find some tasty vegetarian options. Like, more than the tolken cucumber roll that most places offer.

  • I second the vote for Chan’s Mongolian Grill & Tokyo Sushi in the Convention Center. Yes, try the sakura roll – it’s so good. Please support this place so it doesn’t close. It’s such a gem.

  • I can’t believe no one has said Sushi Ko. By far the best I’ve had in DC, Taro is good but I far prefer Sushi Ko (it is in Glover Park). I do like Tono which gets extra points for fast, reliable delivery to Columbia Heights! Yeah!

  • Does anyone know what the sushi place is called either in Adams Morgan or Dupont. I know this is vague, but I think its the on the road that is up a pretty steep hill that you can take from Dupont to Adams Morgan, there is a sushi place right by a whole foods, and I think a gym.

  • Kalia, you’re talking about Sushi Ko, in Glover Park. However, it is not between Dupont and Adams Morgan.

  • For delivery options, Spices is probably the best, but for eat in it would be Sushi Ko

  • I don’t think Tono Sushi delivers to Petowrth. I’m so used to west of the park restaurants never considering delivering to us that I never even think to ask. But yeah, I go to Tono Sushi all the time for carry-out. I just call and say, “This is Toby, give me my regular sushi order,” and it’s ready when I get there. They even keep my credit card # on file. I like Tako Grill in Bethesda, Yosaku, which is connected to Tono Sushi somehow, and of course Sushi Ko. The latter was one of the pioneers in DC for sushi and is Japanese-run and staffed, in contrast to Korean, Chinese and Thai sushi places, who often do a good job, but aren’t Japanese.

  • I just love Sushi Taro but it’s the only sushi place I’ve tried in the city. I’ve eaten plenty though at other spots in Va. If you find yourself way out in Ashburn, get to Tokyo Sushi pronto, very good!

    For my bday, we celebrated with the 2 omakase dishes from Sushi Taro, amazingly good! perfect, buttery, melt in your mouth sushi and sashimi. Better then Morimoto’s!

  • Mark, thanks for that. I couldn’t remember, and I am, as you see terrible with directions lol.

    New2CH…I second your Sushi Ko (now that I know what it is called). They had some really great sushi and the sashimi was very good as well!

  • IMGoph, I am a vegetarian when it comes to sushi (sorry, I know too much about water quality) and I love the vegetarian special at Tono Sushi. They drizzle this spicy sauce all around the outside of the plate, you don’t even have to use the soy sauce or wasabi. I then get the inari (tofu pillows) which help put out the fire from the sauce. Also if you ask them they will tell you whether or not the mango is good that night for mango and sticky rice. Yum!

  • Who are all these vegetarians who are eating “sushi”? That’s like vegetarians who are eating tofu “steak”. It’s definitely not the same thing.

  • I don’t eat sushi but I’ve always suspected that if I did I would avoid the sushi sold by Giant at the deli counter.

  • Perry’s (in adams morgan); Sushi Taro; and Sushi Ko. Tono is good for carry-out. And Perry’s is UNBELIEVABLE for drinks and sushi on the patio.

  • Yes, Perry’s is great. If you got the bunts go to Perry’s or Sake Club.

  • I think Sushi Ko is incredibly overrated and underwhelming. Kaz is far better (he’s got a James Beard Award – that says something) and even if its pricey, its better priced than Sushi Ko. Get the salmon nigiri with a dollop of mango puree – that’s what heaven tastes like!

  • Boomhauer, contrary to (I guess) popular belief, sushi is not definied by its fish content. Rather, the term sushi refers to a dish containing vinegared rice. See for example


    So what us vegetarians are eating is indeed sushi, and very delicious sushi at that.

  • We’ve gotten Tono to deliver to our place at Quincy & Kansas.

  • Cameron, thanks for the delivery info about Tono Sushi. I may just stop by there this evening and I’ll ask if they deliver to my address, but we’re on the other side of GA from Quincy and Kansas. Hope Georgia Avenue isn’t their cut off line. I love unagi and California roll.

  • Noah:

    Quite true; the fish is really the sashimi. But in general, everywhere in Japan that I’ve traveled to generally had fish 90% of the time in them with the occasional cucumber-filled piece to cleanse the pallet. Also, some have Natto which tastes to me like gym socks.

    But instead of being pedantic, let’s agree that the U.S. is woefully behind the curve in the seafood department…there’s a reason why most fish served is baked or fried to death.

  • Banana Leaves has pretty decent sushi takeout (and delivery)

  • Definitely Sushi Ko and Kaz Sushi Bistro get my vote. Sushi Taro has always underperformed in relation to people’s reviews. Maybe I’ve always gone on bad nights. I do like Tono Sushi, particularly for their good happy hour one dollar cuts.

  • Spices. Definitely. Sushi Taro pretends it’s the best but the lines are long, the prices steep and the food only O.K. Spices is great because if you’re going with someone who’s maybe a little afraid of taking a bite of raw fish – they have enough other options to keep them happy while you chow down. Also, they deliver in 30-40 minutes. Sushi carpet picnic!

  • the one real place is mokoto

  • I can’t believe no one has said UNI! I love Uni. P street. The Pablo Escobar and the Watermelon roll – get out of town!

  • Mokoto is by far the best – but with 24 seats, a need to reserve weeks in advance and a steep price tag, it is not your neighborhood sushi. If you do have a special occasion and sushi/japanese is your thing, I highly recommend it. I love Tono Sushi – they are friendly and have awesome sushi happy hour prices and my daughter thinks that it is really cool to sit on the floor in the front.

  • i can’t believe no one has mentioned…


    it’s in nowhere, alexandria — off little river turnpike in an office park that includes a pizza boli’s and a prosthetic limb doctor’s… strange, i know, but it’s the best. hands down.

  • Sushi Taro is a great place to go for lunch. Very reasonably priced and they offer daily lunch specials.

  • I second Yamazato off Little River Turnpike.

  • A little late to the party, but Kotobuki is the best I have had in the city, although I haven’t had Sushi Ko or Kaz Sushi Bistro. Sushi Taro is not even in the same ballpark as Kotobuki; several of their a la cart pieces are $1 each and it blows away Sushi Taro in quality. It’s a little hole in the wall and it’s not as convenient to get to as Taro, but is it well worth seeking it out and trying it.

  • Did anyone else see the piece in the NYT about the two NYC High School students who collected fish from a large number of sushi restaurants in the City and then sent the individual pieces to a genetic mapping operation in Canada – one that specializes in identifying animal species? Well guess what, a large percentage of the exotic pieces of fish were in fact rather common species, including tilapia. In case one isn’t aware of tilapia, this fish can be grown in ponds in which the consistency and color of the water resembles something my grandfather would not have allowed his hogs to have used. Check it by going to http://www.nyt.com and search for sushi.

  • Kaz: I St, ( near Farragut West?) The owner came from Sushi-Ko?
    Sushi Ko? (Wisc Ave, south of Calvert next to WholeFoods)
    Makato (really expensive, don’t like the place – but good sushi)
    Sushi Taro: 17th N of P
    ??? don’t remember the name: Wisconson ave just north of Tenleytown, past steak & egg a bit. (actually pretty good, I always suspect that I am seeing embassy staff…)
    U-Sushi 1301 U St.: Not great, but close;)

    My favorite: Take-out place on the canal between Thomas Jefferson & Wisconson Ave: Great Sushi, nice to take to the seats on the Canal. (Not cheap though)

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