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A reader suggested I integrate some polls into PoP so I thought I’d give it a go. This is really a test poll and I’m not sure how many answers will be recorded but let’s see what happens. Obviously PoP started out focusing on Petworth but today coverage has expanded to include many other neighborhoods. I thought I’d take a quick poll to see where folks are from. Thanks.

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  • I live in Park View, but no one seems to know if its Columbia Heights or Park View.

  • yeah, technically I live one block inside of Park View and out of Columbia Heights, but everyone seems to think of the block as in Columbia Heights.

  • Our address is officially known as North Columbia Heights, but as we are only two blocks away from Georgia, we need to stay closely integrated into Petworth. Perhaps the survey needs to have North Columbia Heights added, but I will click on Columbia Heights for now….

  • Nice looking poll calculator! I hope this works, then maybe we can find out the avg age of the commenters as well. That would be pretty “dope sky” 🙂

  • Another Park View-er here who JUST moved to Columbia Heights. Before we moved we always said that the District had us in the same jurisdiction as Columbia Heights but our neighbors felt more like a part of Petworth.

  • Park View Rulz!!!!!!

  • ledroit park FTW

  • I clicked Petworth, but above Spring Road, off 13th, I really think we’re 14th/16th street heights. Although they seem to disavow us with their “north of arkansas” definition… Anyway, the metro goes by Petworth, so that’s what we tell people.

  • I choose Other, assuming Logan Circle doesn’t fall into the U Street/Shaw category.

  • Pleasant Plainz Boyz!

  • anacostia, if it wasn’t obvious.

  • crestwood area, basement apartment! 16th in Taylor ish

  • Lamont and Georgia, guess thats Columbia heights and not Petworth officially…? Answered Columbia Heights, but don’t really know where the exact line is. Someone should make a google earth map of where these boundaries fall, and then we could vote on that. PoP?

  • JnDC, there are some pretty good neighborhood entries in wikipedia:

    “The streets defining the neighborhood’s boundaries are 16th Street to the west; Spring Road to the north; Sherman Avenue to the east; and Florida Avenue and Barry Place to the south. It is served by an eponymous stop on the Washington Metro green and yellow lines.”

  • Park View is where it’s at. Plus, it’s the home of the Not So Secret Garden.

  • I live in Park View, too. I not conviced that’s a plus Melanie…

  • One problem with this poll function is that you can vote as many times as you wish.

  • Park View

  • True you can vote a million times, and you can do it with ones that give your computer a cookie by just deleting the cookie, but it’s not a contest so why would anyone cheat? Isn’t this just a data poll to satisfy curious minds?

  • Other — Brookland

  • looks like you should have included park view in the choices, PoP.

    fwiw – bloomingdale FTW, mfers!

  • Another vote for Park View- on Manor Place.

  • I would challenge grouping U Street in with Shaw…

  • Why no love for 16th St. Heights?

  • According to wikipedia:

    Park View is a neighborhood in central Washington, D.C., immediately north of Howard University. It is situated in the Northwest quadrant of the city and bordered by Park Place and the Armed Forces Retirement Home (known by its historic name, the Old Soldiers Home) to the east, Harvard Street to the south, Sherman Avenue to the west, and New Hampshire Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road to the north.

    Pleasant Plains is a neighborhood in central Washington, D.C. largely occupied by Howard University. It is situated in the Northwest quadrant of the city and bordered by 2nd Street, Park Place, and McMillan Reservoir to the east; Florida Avenue and Barry Place to the south; Sherman Avenue to the west; and Harvard Street to the north. It is flanked on the eastern side by the Washington Veteran Affairs Medical Center and Washington Hospital Center, and by the Columbia Heights and Park View neighborhoods on the west and north sides.

    Located in the northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., Columbia Heights borders the neighborhoods of Shaw, Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant, Petworth, Park View, Pleasant Plains, and Le Droit Park. To the east is Howard University. The streets defining the neighborhood’s boundaries are 16th Street to the west; Spring Road to the north; Sherman Avenue to the east; and Florida Avenue and Barry Place to the south. It is served by an eponymous stop on the Washington Metro green and yellow lines.

    Petworth is a residential neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., bounded by Georgia Avenue to the west, North Capitol Street to the east, Rock Creek Church Road to the south, and Kennedy Street NW to the north. Petworth and the rest of Ward 4 are represented in the Council of the District of Columbia by Muriel Bowser.

  • i say north country should have received an entry…we’re your direct neighbors to the north!

  • Other – I live in St. Lucia (Eastern Caribbean). We have a rowhouse in Columbia Heights (Pleasant Plains, I believe it is officially called) that is rented out now and we will eventually return to.

  • Woo! I feel less sad about my Park View residence in light of such good company!

  • NoMA. Near the Florida Market.

  • Park View as well, right below Petworth Metro, though

  • polls.

  • thom202: you live in noma? where? i didn’t even realize that there were any residences built there yet.

  • Another “other” vote for Park View. The neighborhood is just the right compromise between Columbia Heights and Petworth.

  • Park View (I voted for CH though — sources other than Wikipedia indicate that CH extends as far east as Georgia Ave. I would not trust Wikipedia on everything.)

  • Park View, too. I voted for Columbia Heights because we’re in the 20010 zipcode and Ward 1, but I use the Petworth Metro.

  • There are no official DC neighborhood boundaries. It’s all money and marketing. I generally use the closest metro as my neighborhood marker, but still there is nothing official. By some, the Petworth is not in Petworth.

  • Eckington!

  • I’ll bet that a lot of the “other” lives in bloomingdale/ledroit/eckington

  • 16th street heights, yo!

  • Other – Fort Totten!

  • Brightwood!

  • thom202: the 500 block of M street NE is nowhere near noma….you’re over in near northeast or something like that. the noma bid doesn’t extend east of the 300 block.

  • Brookland now, but when I started reading PoP, it was Shaw–and no, I would not consider Shaw and U Street to be the same. Interesting to see where everyone is from!

  • IMGoph:

    We differ.

    As a single example, look at the map (link below) on the NoMA bid website. It clearly extends to the 600 block of M although they have released other maps with tighter BID boundaries.

    Both the city and the BID are including my block in NoMA. The real estate agents are calling it NoMA more than SoFLo, near northeast, north capitol hill, or whatever.

  • thom202: alright, i looked for the map you’re talking about, and i can’t find it.

    this page shows the boundary going to the 300 block.

    the PDF you get when you click on the “development map” link shows the boundary encompassing the 300 block.

    when i click on “location” on the page you gave, the map there shows the boundary encompassing the 300 block.

    i’ll believe you if you can show me the map you’re talking about, but i just can’t find it. anyone else?

  • Click the link above.
    On the right side, click the “Explore the BID Map” link at right.
    Wait for it to load.
    Mouse over the orange circle to the right of the M st NY Ave exit.
    Note how it indicates 300 M ST NE and there remains green to the right.

    Or look at this city map.

  • ok, thom202, addressing the first map: i want to be blunt. you’re doing a poor job of map reading if you think that map shows anything past the 300 block of m street in the noma area. that orange circle does indicate 300 m street. it’s in the middle of the block between 3rd and 4th street. the green area (which you say continues to the right of this dot) ends at 4th street. that would be the end of the 300 block, which is what i’ve been saying all along. you said you were in the 500 block, and this map unequivocally shows the 500 block lying outside of this area. in this instance, my point stands: you are not in the noma area.

    i’ll give you that the second map shows an area that extends further than the standard definition of the noma bid area, and it goes up to 6th street. it shows the 500 block outside of the designated noma area and in something designated as the “revitalization area”. maybe you’re considering that part of noma too then. that’s fine, but every official map doesn’t have your map as part of the BID.

    i know i’m being pedantic, but i’m just conveying what the maps show. you can call your ‘hood noma all you want though. i’m just saying that you’re in a very small minority who believes that.

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