What’s Going on with Cue Bar?


I’ve never actually been to Cue Bar on U Street. Has anyone been there? What’s the scene like? Does anyone know why it may have closed?  Certainly is an ominous warning.  What the hell’s a “cue bar associate” anyway is that just another way of saying a patron?

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  • Details are sketchy, but from what I heard there were some longstanding issues with the owner/operator of CueBar and the Landlord of the building that couldn’t be resolved. The CueBar owner got out at the end of the lease. It’s sad because that spot was one of the best on U Street, but unfortunately most times I would go in there it would be completely empty. Hopefully whoever takes over will keep the pool tables.

  • I went there once. It was a nice lil spot…billiards, darts, ping pong. Small though, but was nice nonetheless.

  • That’s disappointing. I always liked it there the 4 or 5 times I went. Not many (any?) places in the nearby area that have ping pong. They had some pretty good beer specials too.

  • used to live around the corner, and it was exciting when it opened, and we got a nice pool hall on u street. too bad. i’d been there semi-often, and it was never empty. especially on weekends.

  • I liked that place a lot. A bit pricey for what you got, but a giant television screen, lots of pool tables and pingpong. pretty chill.

  • Cue Bar was a great spot to watch games.

    In other news, Petworth Quilting Club meets at 1030am Saturday at the library!

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