What’s a 90 Minute Cafe?

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I’m stumped.

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  • 90 minutes is how long a futbol match is. 45 minutes a half.

  • If you look closely, the clock is a soccer ball.

  • It’s a mediocre attempt at a soccer bar. The original place was pretty cool – good food, cheap beer. But now (under new ownership), its pretty much just a basement addition to the Spanish restaurant upstairs. Its not open early enough to catch European matches, and for watching DC United games, Momo’s on U St. is a better choice.

  • I agree with Rex North. When it first opened during the last World Cup it was in the PoP vernacular “dope sky” – small, open at weird hours for the matches, packed with people from opposing countries – all-in-all great fun.

  • it’s pretty clear that it’s a soccer ball on there, isn’t it? i’m surprised you had to ask.

  • Had a funny experience trying to watch soccer there a few months ago–we went in for the match, a relatively big one, and they had pay per view boxing on and had to search for the soccer channels for 15 minutes. Once we got them on, they wouldn’t turn down the club/dancing music so we couldn’t hear commentary. So much weird stuff kept happening, we couldn’t help but laugh. Also worth noting that seating capacity is about 7 (no exaggeration)

  • I thought it was a place you went to for a bite after a show at the Fifteen Minutes Club.

  • djdc – oh, now I can’t stop laughing. That’s GREAT!

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