What Do You Think of This Modern House?


It looks like it has a sweet roof deck. My question is about across the street. Right across the street is Banneker High School. How do you decide if you are willing to live across the street from a high school?


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  • I think this modern house pulls it off better than the last because its sitting between what looks like two different style houses and one is hidden by a tree anyways. I don’t really care for the fence, but I guess if I lived across from a high school I would want something like that as a deterant.

    I think I would hate to live across from a high school or near one.

  • I love the house!

    Banneker is actually a great school and made Newsweeks’s list of Top 100 secondary schools in the country in 2007.

  • I guess if that’s all you can afford…?

    Theoretically, I don’t think it would be too bad to live near a high school. I’m at work when the school day starts and ends. Generally there are more exciting things to do than hang around a school building, so the kids would to the winds after class. And during the summer, it is shut up and quiet, or quietER, at least. In the city there’d be few buses to cause noise picking up and dropping off kids.

    But I say “theoretically” because I don’t like near one, so I don’t have direct experience.

  • grr…”LIVE” near one, like “like” near one. sorry for the typo.

  • Deciding is easy. I wouldn’t.

  • I lived on the same block as a HS in San Francisco. It wasn’t really an issue – and it meant a half block of residential parking without the residences, which was great for parking spots (especially when you combine that with being on the same block as a Fire Station and PG&E plant.)

  • is that fence really as high as it looks — or is the perspective weird and it’s really just waist high?

    not a huge fan of the stucco job — looks sort of like the detailing you’d see on a taco bell.

  • Funny, I understand how you all feel about living across the high school in DC, I used to feel that way until I moved here and learned a little bit more about it.

    Banneker is a college prep high school where 95% of students graduate and end up going to Ivy League schools. Not all high schools are created equal and this one is one of the best schools in DC and actually top 100 school in the country (and yes, it is located in Columbia Heights, I bet you didn’t know that). The parents are heavily involved with the school and the kids are not only smart but also very polite and orderly. This is not Cardozo people!

    Trust me on this one, I would know, I live across the street from it :-).

  • Banneker is a DC public school that functions like a gifted and talented academic high school. It also has a small enrollment which cuts down on the amount of teenage foot traffic. Not only isn’t it Cardozo, it isn’t Wilson, Roosevelt or Coolidge. The last two are neighborhhood high schools.

  • Whoa, sounds good! How does a kid qualify to get into Banneker? Is it grade based, lottery based??

  • Jassindc, where did you live in San Francisco?

  • Jarek,
    When you say you live right across from it, are you saying you live in the featured house?

  • Banneker is actually my alma mater . . . it’s pretty small, 400 kids enrolled total, usually. You have to take an exam to get in; it’s one of the three city-wide magnet schools. Banneker, School Without Walls (which an experiential learning program) and Duke Ellington School for the Arts are the troika. 95% of the graduates go to college, not necessarily the Ivies, but definitely good schools.

    The other side of the street was always off-limits. Besides being closely monitored by staff when we were off-site, we were always supposed to be “good neighbors” to the residents of the Pleasant Plains (it’s not actually in Columbia Heights, folks). Plus those houses are up loooootttttts of steps, so even if we wanted to bother them, we would, as someone else pointed out, get awfully winded. It’s the Howard Students who always seemed to be parked on that part of Euclid. And were getting booted, too, on the regular.

  • Kalia – yes, this is my house, so I am glad that we didn’t get totally butchered here because of the stucco, which we like :-). We chose the stucco and modern look because we didn’t want to live in a museum of what DC used to be 80 years ago (now it also helped that our street didn’t have houses with any significant architectural value – this wasn’t a nice Victorian before but rather a burned down shell).

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