What a Random Spot for an Express Box


This was a bizarre sight. This Express box was right in the middle of a very quiet street with nearly no traffic. For the curious it was on Hobart Street. Now I get the Express every morning for my metro ride and enjoy it. But on Hobart Street there is no metro nor even a bus stop near this box. Like I said I do enjoy reading the Express for my metro ride. But then again if the Onion or the City Paper were distributed daily to read on the metro I’d probably be just as happy. I’m certainly not going to go home and stretch my legs over a cup of coffee while reading short excerpts from the Washington Post in the Express. So how do you think this box got to such a random location? Do people read Express when not on the metro?

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  • stolen, used as bookcase in group house for awhile. discarded on street.

  • The Express has day old news. I don’t know why anyone reads it. I never read it, think it is a waste of paper and it litters the streets and sidewalks. Bascially I can’t stand the thing. It has no redeeming qualities that I can think of..

  • Its free – and for The Post, another revenue stream

  • And, if it encourages non-newspaper readers to be somewhat informed about the world I think that’s a good thing

  • saf

    AKA – it has a soduku.

  • Oh, yes soduku. How could I forget that?

  • that express box sure looks like it’s been “relocated” to me!

  • I love the Express paper! It is usually just the right amount of reading for a 45 min train ride and for the ride back, yes soduku and crossword.

  • Agreed it short, but again it’s yesterday’s news. Didn’t you see all the articles or read about them the day before either online or in the Post or in some other news media outlet.

  • I prefer The Onion but the Express is not bad, I read it on the bus sometimes and I recycle, always recycle. Tu amor es un periodico de ayer que nadie ya procura ya leer….

  • I enjoy the Onion but like PoP said, it’s not daily. It’s also annoying to have every single article you read continued on a different page. That’s what Express is about, short articles you can read piece by piece on the Metro. It’s not about getting the news, or even actually learning anything. Just something to pass the time on the train.

  • My inflammatory comments have been moderated!

  • Does anyone know why the Thursday and Friday Sudokus in the Express that say “hard” are the easiest ones of the week? This has been going on for about the last 6 weeks. Argh….

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