Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest in CH a Huge Success


The hot dog eating contest in the “public realm” in Columbia Heights was awesome. And a little disgusting. But it was super fun. There were tons of participants who were quite enthusiastic. There was a good crowd as well, I’d estimate around 75 or so give a take a few dozen. I only stayed for the first round because well, you can see from the pictures. Check it after the jump.







There was even a contestant in a PoP t-shirt. Represent!

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  • We really should send this to stuffwhitepeople like.

  • Or to: what tragic hippies like.. 😉

  • Amen to both comments above.

  • this event was hilarious! i hope there’s another one next year

  • Thanks for posting the great pics. I thought it was a fantastic event! Everyone I talked to had a great time. Apparently vegetarians/vegans do know how to have fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • maybe they can have a soy juice, i mean milk, drinking contest…ugh, i just threw up in my mouth

  • some of those vegans look a little plump (not judging, just observing)…is that weird to anyone else?

  • Yay organizers for putting together a fun successful event! It shouldn’t seem weird for vegans to be plump – they aren’t on a diet to lose weight, and I’m sure they love food as much anyone! (Hence great places like Sticky Fingers Bakery off 16th St. near Giant) Plumpness is superficial, but vegans’ actual health as a group is outstanding.

  • I just hope those tofu dogs taste better than the old school tofu pups, those were disgusting! The guy in the third photo looks like he is going to stuff them up his nose!

  • Cristobal-

    Not unusual at all. Being vegetarian/vegan does not necessarily equal being healthy- not by a long shot.

  • I also thought most vegans/veggitarians were thin, not because they diet, but because of their diet. I have a couple of friends who had to go on hollistic(?) diets because of allergies and they both lost a ton of weight. They were taking suppliment shakes and vitamins as well, but they got tiny. I guess that happens when you have to give up meat, dairy, soy, sugar, and anything with gluton in it.

  • give me a half smoke (or two) with chili and onions from Ben’s any day, but even one of those gross tofu dogs makes me want to barf.

  • Kalia- your friends probably lost weight because they were consuming so few calories in general, rather than lack of those specific products. If you go from a typical American diet to cutting out major food groups, it’s often hard to maintain adequate Calorie intake without lots of planning and re-learning how to eat. Hence- lots of vegans who aren’t necessarily healthy. A healthy diet isn’t just about cutting out less healthy foods- but also about making sure you get adequate amounts of everything that you need. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very possible to be a healthy vegan, but it’s not especially easy, convenient or second nature in many families/communities.

  • — okay, I probably could have eliminated all of my above comment and simply stated that:

    Vegan/vegetarian or not, hot dogs = processed crap.

  • Hot Dogs are delicious and maybe one of the most American things I can think of. But, alas, I cannot think of anything more constructive to say given those photos, just see my other posts under the tattoo thread and maybe you will all agree with me now.

  • Since I’ve moved into the city over a year ago, I became a vegetarian and gave up my car. Immediately I lost 20 lbs and managed to keep it off. Any residual pudgy-ness can be blamed on beer.

    But losing weight is not the only reason I became a vegetarian – there are many. It is better for the environment, it is healthier (read Fast Food Nation and tell me you disagree), and there is a growing concern of food shortages planet wide that can be stemmed by switching to a vegetarian diet.
    So I can think of no better way to promote conscious food consumption than by stuffing ourselves with unlimited amounts of veggie dogs. Sadly I only managed to get one down in the elimination round, as my opponent quickly gobbled down the two to send him to the main event.

  • food shortages? so lets gobble up tons of non pork products like pigs. isn’t there a less wasteful still fun way to make your point ?

  • all the tofu pup haters should try a tofurky frank with all the works (veggie chili & cheese) from sticky fingers bakery. it’s all vegan and amazing. of course, if you go into thinking you won’t like it, that’s no different from the 4-year-old kid who insists he hates vegetables before he’s even tasted them.

    i take my non-veg friends to sticky fingers & java green all the time — the first few times they went, they were skeptical, but now they go to both places all the time on their own. has a bunch of great places listed

  • There seems to be a lot of irrational hostility regarding how “gross” faux hot dogs. That’s interesting given what the actual contents of a real (whatever that means?) hot dog are.

    I like this statement Parkwood Person: “Vegan/vegetarian or not, hot dogs = processed crap.” Although vegan hot dogs are pretty satisfying sometimes.

    I suggest, as Sue has, that you all try “Sticky Fingers” out; eat their delicious offerings and rest comfortably with the knowledge that nobody had to suffer and die to make them.

  • faux dogs are not gross because of what is in them; they are gross because they taste like ass.

    i love a lot of vegetarian dishes–eggplant in hot garlic sauce is one of the most delicious dishes ever created, and i can think of nothing i’d rather have than some fresh spinach quickly sauteed in olive oil with some crushed garlic. (ok, i really like garlic.) but as a compromise to vegan friends, and out of curiosity, I’ve tried every “wonderful” or “delicious” vegan product known to mankind (including Sticky Fingers and Sunflower Restaurant offerings) that are touted by my vegan friends as an alternative to meat or conventional baked goods. while some are marginally edible, the only people who say they are as good or better tasting than the non-vegan products they are replacing are people who haven’t had meat or a real cake/pastry/cookie in so long they no longer remember how they actually taste. if you want to say you eat vegan because of health/moral/ethical concerns, that’s fine, more power to you, but enough already with the “vegan imitation bacon tastes EXACTLY like real bacon!”

    about a year ago, i was at a gathering of friends in which everyone had brought some sort of snack to share. a vegan couple brought some “fantastic” vegan cookies (the pre-packaged kind) and started passing them out. everyone took one, and people were eating them. no one said anything, but no one took a second cookie. about 30 minutes later, another person joined the party and grabbed a cookie, took a bite, and said “oh god, these things are stale as hell.” everyone else began laughing, because all the rest of us had assumed it was just the way these vegan cookies were supposed to taste.

  • the pic of the guy sniffing the veggie dogs is pretty gross. He’s cute…but the thought of him sniffing veggie dogs makes me want to hurl. I agree with Tatts. I’ll take mine all beef with the skins on, burn em good.
    still, it takes all kind of people.

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