Update on Development Above the Florida Ave Grill

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Wow, it’s really growing on me. I think the contrast looks really cool. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • I love this building, looks so cool, nice to see some bold D.C. architecture for a change (actually that stretch has a few great buildings, in particular the W Street house). And they get bonus points for naming it after the owner of the Florida Ave. grill.

  • What is it?

  • I am all about the randomness of city architechture. Thumbs up for me.

  • Gorgeous!! They could, however, hand a helping hand and help the Florida Grill owners to spruce up a bit, e.g. put on new roofing and paint, so that the contrast would be more between equals.

  • God awful.

  • I know that the Fla. Ave. Grill folks are NOT pleased with this building. That lot use to be their parking lot, and the construction (and noise) has taken longer than expected.

    Maybe they’ll change their attitude when it’s done and there are new customers living literally right next to them.

  • The owners of the Florida Ave Grill are partners in the project, and the name of the building, The Lacey, is named after someone associated with FAG.

  • The condo is being developed by the Grill’s current owner, Imar Hutchins.

    The Lacey is named in honor of Lacey C. Wilson Sr. and Jr., longtime proprietors of the Grill.

  • I hate that building.

    Every time I look at it, I think of an architecture review from the Post many many years ago. It was 1983, and the giant office building behind a row of preserved row house facades in the 2100 block of I St NW (although they got it the address of 2100 Pennsylvania Ave somehow) had just been completed. The reviewer said that it looked like a cruise ship had run into the houses from behind.

    This has much the same effect on me – the little building is being SMUSHED by the big one.

  • FL Grill is a dump, and I don’t like dumps.

  • I think that once FL Grill is restored to actually look like a quality building, the contrast will be good and it will make the condos look great. Right now it just looks kinda dumpy.

  • The owners of Fla. Avenue Grill were partners on this? Way to sink your business! Another example of amateurs jumping into the development game. Have fun trying to sell a half million dollar condo with a balcony above your nasty smelling dumpsters!

  • Ugh. Seriously.

  • it is VULGAR

  • Simply Beautiful

  • Fugly *co-sign*

  • It’s wonderful to see bold architectural initiatives in what was once nothing but blight. I agree with GforGood and DG-Rad that once Fl. Ave. Grill is cleaned up, it will be more of a comparison of equals. I love the interesting, different architecture between U St. and Florida Ave. on 11th and 12th Sts.

  • This was designed by Division1 Architects (http://division1architects.com/), who also did the odd single family corner unit at 11 and W St (check it out if you can. NO doors, not even on the bathrooms) and the series of 5 danish-style-looking units one block over on 10th Street. The group also has plans form The Drost on 10th Street (opposite the Visio and the burnt out church), but I think they are waiting to see if they can get a bit more land. The Drost plans were showcased in some architectural digest a few years ago, but nothing has been started over there. (So I doubt hte Summer 2008 arrival date on the web is accurate, eh?)

    Anyhow, that one architect has really put his stamp on those two blocks.

  • Absolutely love it…always did…even when commenters were bashing it on this blog 3 months ago.

  • I love the building, and most of Division 1’s stuff. However, the Grill looks like crap.
    So together one bldg. looks like crap and the other looks uber cool. No change.

  • I visited some family friends in G-town who have a house with no doors on their bathrooms. Very uncomfortable trying to go to the bathroom.

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