Time to Play Good Deal or Not?

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Located at 3011 13th Street, NW this one is a “brand new custom built home brought to you by Leyla Phelan and Evers & Co.”. The flier says, “3 luxurious levels, meticulously renovated…4 bedrooms, 3 spa-like baths, a powder room, open floor plan, parking and a palatial outdoor roof deck.” Holy cow a palatial outdoor roof deck on 13th Street sounds pretty fresh. And I found the photos online here. Pretty sick. I think we may have a winner here. Of course it’s still way out of my league but it’s nice to see something this dope on 13th Street below a million. The price is $824,500. So good deal or not?

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  • I wouldn’t call it a screaming bargain, but I don’t think the asking price is out of line. From the photos, it looks like a nice renovation and a nice place to live- unbeatable location too. I like that they have radiators and central air AND ceiling fans. I’m assuming that it has three bedrooms upstairs and one in the basement level. Without seeing photos of the rooms, its hard to tell, but based on the size of that house-which is a lot like mine- I’m guessing that third bedroom upstairs is tiny, and that there is very little closet space upstairs. That’s probably the only negative. But that’s DC row house reality unless you convert to two bedrooms upstairs (or add a pop up!), which is a whole other can of worms.

  • Nice reno (based on the pics). Kitchen is a little blah and the backyard non existent. Nice parking and the roof top deck of course compensates.

    I would say its a bit over-priced, but encouraging if it sells at that price.. 🙂

    We have a similar tiny room in our too. Perfect for an office kind of use, or as a guest “sleeping room”.

  • Nicely done except for the kitchen which I can say has nice appliances as its only feature. After that – wow. is it poorly designed. all the main areas of the kitchen that make up the triangle functionality – sink, fridge and stove/range are all in a line instead of being in some type of triangle to promote utility. two cooks in the kitchen will be falling on top of each other.

  • It’s a nice renovation and not a bad price… BUT… I hate it when developers decide that painting the brick on a fairly continous row of light brick non-painted houses is a good idea.

  • oddly similar to my own house… except what’s with the yellow paint throughout the entire house.

  • I’m gonna disagree on painting the brick. I think it makes the block more interesting. Blocks with all-gray non-painted brick are the most boring blocks in the city, imo — I think if every other house were painted (tastefully), or at least a handful of them, it would make the whole block more appealing.

  • Painting brick…..I think it depends on the type of brick in the neighborhood. Much of the brick used to build rowhouses in Petworth tends to be rather “blah”. The houses in CH are generally a bit older and the quality of the brick is nicer.

  • So here is a little history on this house. Until 2006 this house was rented by an elderly couple from Jamaica who paid $500/mo for the whole house. The wife of this couple died of a heart attack in October 2006. Her husband remained in it for three more months and then the elderly woman who owned it also died. When she died she left her entire estate to Howard University. The man now lives with his son in Hyattsville, MD because he couldn’t find similiar rent in DC. They lived on only one floor of this house because the upstairs and basement were such a mess. The house definitely needed a ton of work.

    I like the backstories of houses and how they are microprisms of how demographics and neighborhoods change…

  • it’s great and would have been snatched up in one day during the height of the bubble market buying frenzy, but, not now. they will have to lower the price. there are equally nice single family homes for that price in similar neighborhoods.

  • what qualifies as a “spa-like” bath? those bathrooms look very cold to me, and contain none of the features i might describe as something you would find at a spa (beyond running water, of couse). i don’t think it’s priced wildly incorrectly, and it looks a lot better than the dozens of places for sale around that price—though I agree that kitchen could have been done a lot better. not so much this one, but why do people renovate a house on the cheap? most people doing this are gonna make a bundle either way, have some pride in your work rather than cutting corners! for the record, i like the painted brick. it livens up a neighborhood and adds personality.

  • Knock 75k off and I’d think it would move quickly, otherwise its a great looking place at a bad time in the market. Would love to be reminded of it in a month or so to see what has happened with it… PoP?

  • so lucky RAIDANT HEAT

  • IMHO, anything over $720k is too much (and the location is worth $100k). sweet renovation for the most part, but really poor color choices inside. no garage. no yard. and as others have pointed out, that kitchen is a mess–great appliances, bad cabinets, and really poor layout. i always use my own house, bought a year ago, to compare in NW Petworth; while my renovation isn’t quite as fancy, my house is renovated, new central air/heat, nice new kitchen, 2 car garage, 800 sq ft of rear yard with grass, plants, trees, a sweet little front yard, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, no crappy carpet (all oak floors and ceramic tile)…$440k.

  • Granted the kitchen does have a poor layout, but great appliances and, is that subway tile on the walls? I like it! I also really like the ceiling details and the original fireplace and french doors (original?). As far as the price, well, I really cant comment but from a design point of view, it has great potential. I even like the yellow, although I would have chose something a but more neutral that would appeal to more people!

  • Beautiful original floors — so much nicer than your generic home depot wood floors in most of the renovations

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