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  • Wow, that is one very cool little structure – I’d invest in some stilts to live there…obviously in need of some renovation though. Where is this located?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I think it’s on 12th Street not far from U. Or somewhere around there.

  • and what is the deal with the brown on the door like that?

  • maybe its blood, painted on so that the angel of death wouldnt come kill their first born…maybe thats why they got rid of the stairs too, in hopes that the angel would be on foot and too burden down with artillery to fly up to the door?

  • That’s the carriage house behind the rowhouse on the NW corner of 12th and T. The house was owned by a church down the street and was in really bad shape. It sold recently and it looks someone is doing a full gut and rebuild (not me–unfortunately it was out of the price range). It has a good sized side yard and could be really awesome if they do a good job on the rehab…

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