The Perfect Summer Snack

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Outside DC USA this past Saturday there was a very nice lady selling bags of fruits and vegetables. Normally I go with the mangoes but this time I went with the cucumbers. It was an excellent choice. The woman put fresh lime juice and a bunch of salt on it. It was, I dare say, the perfect summer snack.  (For the curious it was $2.)

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  • Yum! I always get it with chili, too – was that an option?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    There was some red sauce that I was offered but I declined. Not sure about chili.

  • I often wonder about the conditions in which these street vendors prepare their food. I saw a woman last Sunday morning setting up to sell chicken and rice at the 9th and U flea market. The dirty and reused “disposable” containers she was dishing the stuff out of were enough to make me barf. Are they licensed? Do they undergo health inspections?

  • I have had the food at the 9th and U flea market and have suffered no ill effects. It’s really quite good. I doubt that anything is regulated in that market though since they freak out if you are carrying a camera.

  • Drewlove you could never have a show like Anthony Bourdain. Live a little

  • I have eaten a lot of weird stuff, I grew up in PA Dutch country where NO part of a pig is wasted. I have also traveled around the world to many countries and sampled a lot of weird foods, but it has always been in what I hoped were sanitary conditions. What I saw last Sunday looked as if it was pulled from the dumpster in the alley to be served up again. Sorry Herb.

  • Few of these street vendors are regulated or licensed, so let the eater beware. It’s capitalism at its most raw, so to speak.

  • So, as she’s sitting there in the street, how exactly does she wash up before she cuts/peels the fruit with her bare hands?

    By the standard of their home countries, I’m sure these vendors have exemplary sanitation. But I’ll pass, thanks.

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