Taqueria Distrito Federal Opens In Petworth Today

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It was pretty timely having the discussion yesterday about our favorite Mexican/Latino Restaurants. I’m super happy to hear this news. And who doesn’t love a mariachi band?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Taqueria D.F. is opening a new location in the Petworth neighborhood!
Join us from 3pm- 8pm for live mariachi music and great food!

Taqueria D.F. Niorth: [Map]
805 Kennedy St. NW
Washington, DC 20011
202) 276-7331
Catering • Take-out • Free Local Delivery (2 mile radius)

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  • OMG!! They actually deliver? Maybe we can actually get some delivery to our house that isn’t ghetto Chinese, not that there’s anything wrong with it. We’ll try it this weekend.

  • Can’t wait to try after all the kudos yesterday. And delivery too, this is unbelievable!

  • Oh. That “ghetto chinese” phrase again…..

  • Oh man, I still haven’t cashed in on my free drink POP for giving you this tip way back when. Maybe at your happy hour…

  • You don’t know what ghetto chinese is? Chicken wings, mambo sause, steak and cheese on the menu with chinese food? It isn’t obvious?

  • Sasha-it wasn’t any more obvious than adjectives like “sketchy” were to my middle aged ears.

  • Serving alcohol?

  • So, yeah, what’s on the menu besides tacos? I was looking to see if they had a website. The other place, I guess the original one, only takes cash and debit cards and I want to use my vias. But their tacos are excellent.

  • Does the staff speak English? I’ve been the old one and my Spanish from 15+ years ago almost failed me.

  • They dont take credit cards yet. Be forewarned.

  • I did the dumbest thing and should be posting this anonymously to not appear totally lame. I called the above number, which is actually the 14th Street location’s number and ordered my 3 beef tacos (actually tacos de carne asada) y 3 tacos de pollo. I drive on over to the Kennedy Street address to pick up the order and they never heard of it. The phone number was the 14th Street’s, so I had to drive over there to get my order. As for speaking English (I speak fluent Spanish), I heard one of the waitresses taking an order in English, using phrases like what would you like, etc. And Reuben, I agree, I wish they would take Visa. All they take at 14th St and Kennedy Street is an ATM card. Our family budgetting for restaurants involves the charge card, that gets paid off every month.

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