Sweet Kitchen Renovation Vol. 22

Photos taken by Heather Goss

Home renovator, Heather Goss has completed her kitchen. And it looks awesome. She wrote about it on her blog at Washingtonian. I really dig the cabinets. Take a look at some more finished photos and a before photo after the jump.




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  • Wow… looks just like my kitchen. Although my fridge is a different model. I worry that the shaker cabinet, stainless steel, and granite countertops, will become the avocado green kitchens of the 70s.

  • Kitchen renovator: That’s guaranteed to be the case b/c that is what everyone is getting…but what are you going to do, it looks nice now.

  • Are those Ikea cabinets? If they are Kitchen Renovator, they can easily be updated, but those doors seem fairly classic. Whats up with that fridge? It look very shallow. Are my eye’s playing tricks on me?

  • I have those same cabinets in my kitchen. I love them.

  • Yeah looks just like my kitchen too. I totally have the same oven/microwave combo as well. My kitchen isn’t nearly as big though, so for that I am jealous.

  • I have a feeling that stainless/wood cabinets is going to look Samey McSame Same very soon, with every contractor in the world putting it in.

  • my apartment has the same oven/microwave/sink as well. oh well, everyone, regardless of how nice it looks at the time, seems to end up tearing up and redoing kitchens after some time anyway…

  • I guess the fridge is one of those “counter-top depth” ones?

  • We did a counter-top depth, but thankfully there is room in the basement for something else. Be warned. They force good discipline on keeping things tidy and using what you have.

  • I’m pretty sure the cabinets are from IKEA…

  • “force” good discipline on keeping things tidy”…guess I won’t be getting one of those!

  • Does everyone really, truly love their Ikea cabinets? I keep coming back to the style above, except in white, but find it hard to believe that Ikea cabinets are so wonderful given the rickety-ness of so much of their other furniture. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though!

  • Love mine. They are suprisingly solid. No problems with them whatso ever. One of the great things about them is that they are very easy to reface, so if you wind up with something you think goes out of stlye your can update easily and inexpensivley.

  • True, a lot of is Samey McSame, but unless you can splurge tens of thousands of dollars, or want something eccentric, this is what you essentially end up with. Yeah, those are IKEA cabinets (Adel Birch). I wondered the same thing about ricketiness, but they’re just as sturdy as every other kitchen cabinet — though not all IKEA cabinets are. The white wood is actually cheap fake wood. But the Adel is a great choice. Plus the new drawer dampeners they have are AWESOME.

    The refrigerater is Vestco, and they actually don’t sell it anymore from what I can find. It’s a special European fridge that’s super energy and space efficient (uses 20% the energy of a regular fridge, and it’s 7 feet tall). If I got a standard size fridge, the only place it could fit is where the dishwasher is, totally eliminating 50% of my counter space. I live alone, and the house is small so I doubt future buyers will be a big family, so it’s perfect I think. I can pack quite a bit of stuff in there, and I actually love the fact that it keeps me from letting things get moldy hidden in the back.

    The entire everything you see here, from appliances to labor for a totally gutted kitchen, was around $8000. So yeah, it’s not high glam, but did you see the before picture?? 🙂

  • “It’s a special European fridge that’s super energy and space efficient (uses 20% the energy of a regular fridge, and it’s 7 feet tall). ”

    And yet again one just has to wonder why that cannot be done here too…

  • Very nice kitchen redo Heather. I like that you exposed the brick, which is in our long-term kitchen plans. The black countertops are a nice touch, contrary to the more popular ‘natural’ granite colors. I am amazed the the first kitchen was so spartan – did the last owners cook with a camp stove?

  • Sorry, I meant “Vestfrost,” not Vestco, and it looks like Home Depot has the fridge back in stock now. I bought mine at Costco, but they’re not carrying it anymore.

    ShermanCircle — the former owner was a wannabe flipper who got foreclosed on, so he was in the middle of gutting the kitchen. I feel bad for the guy, but the “fixes” he made to the place are godawful. Those white cabinets in the “before” picture were actually new — except half the doors opened the wrong way, some were hung wrong so there was over an 1″ of open space when they closed, and, as you can see, were hung terribly (imagine a microwave under those small ones). Don’t even get me started on the upstairs bathroom.

  • I have the fridge in white – totally great! You can get it from http://www.compactappliances.com as well. One thing to note: NOT self defrosting, so at some point you’ll actually (OMG!) have to defrost the freezer. in 2 years, I’ve done it twice. Mine was sold as a Summit, so apparently they sell under different retailers? Never quite understood. Anyhow, it’s great and it fits a whole lot more than people would believe for a 2′ wide fridge. Just no 3 liter cokes.

    nice kitchen! It’s hard with so little space.

    And on Ikea – price check folks. I was convinced I’d use Ikea and then I checked KitchenCraft at Home Depot and saved a few thou for cabinets that look just like these. Of course, I had to deal with Home Depot, but I survived and scored a nice microwave on 3/4 discount one day. It pays to go with white appliances! They end up on sale!

  • I renovated the kitchen in my first place with very similar IKEA cabinets (Adel Cream) and loved them…the whole kitchen was about $7,000 and so much more fantastic and sturdy than any kitchen I’d ever had before. I do find that their kitchens are much more sturdy than other IKEA items, and a true bargain.

  • Our house had IKEA cabinets in it when we bought. The coolest part is that if you decide you want a drawer in your very deep base cabinet – you guy buy a wire sliding rack for 5 bucks and install it in about 2 minutes. We have a wall corner cabinet and the folks at Ikea tell me they are developing a lazy Susan option for that within the next six months. For customizing options, you can’t beat IKEA.

  • Heather, I really like it and will go out and get the magazine and cut out the pictures. My kitchen (totally in need of a renovation, out of the 1940s) is similar to yours so what you had done can also be like a model for us. We have a pantry that we’ll unfortunately have to get rid of when we renovate. And I so no counter space, I have to use the dining room table to chop and mix things on or even the top of the stove. We really have NO counter space. Getting rid of the pantry would free up some area, as our kitchen is so typical Petworth, a galley kitchen, long and narrow. Less than 10K? That’s fabulous and thanks for mentioning the cash.

  • Would love to know the measurements and what if anything is along the other wall. Since I live in the same house (David Dunigan, ca 1912) I believe the kitchen is 7 feet wide, but looks like the fridge and extra tall cabinet extend into what was originally the dining room. Any floor plan sketches to show? 🙂

  • Actually, yeah. That might be hard to read on the photo though. There’s nothing on the other side right now — I can only wrap my head around one side at a time!

  • It’s nice but you’ll have efficiency issues with the oven/stove being next to the refrigerator. If that was the only configuration that worked so be it, but you typically want a little separation.

  • Judging from the pictures alone, it appears that the owner of this kitchen may be facing one of the most popular issues with kitchen renovation: space. I had the same problem, thankfully my sister referred me to this great NYC contractor.

  • and i’m sure that new york city contractor would just love to drive down to DC every day and work on a house here.

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