Super Cool House at 11th and W


At least I think this 11th and W – I was severely dehydrated at this point… We’ve talked about this house before but a reader mentioned it in the comments from last week, something about it being the same architect who is doing the development above the Florida Ave Grill. I took a picture this week because I was marveling at the balcony. I like how it juts out over the side. Super cool. Close up after the jump.


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  • I’m like the architecture overall. But the windows and doors are sooo office institutional. I walk by this thing all the time and keep wondering if there’s a State Farm agent down the hall to the left, after you pass the ABC copy center.

  • It is at 11th and W, I used to walk past it every day (before I had to move away from my $550 rent in Columbia Heights…sigh). And I have to say, I’m not a fan at all. The ground floor especially–I can’t imagine chilling out in a living room that’s completely glass. If you want any privacy at all you have to close those drapes you can see, completely boxing you in. Not cool.

  • I live across the street and though it is a very cool design, every time I walk by I cringe. It’s so out of place in this neighborhood, even with the ultra-modern condos on the other side of 11th street. And yes, the same architect designed the new condos above Florida Avenue Grill — another randomly placed building.

    I’m all for modern design — I really like these buildings, but to me, the neighborhood feel is lost.

    Also, I’ve heard rumors (from a realtor) that this place has been on the market for ages but no one has been interested. Perhaps it’s off the market now? Anybody else know anything about that?

  • Actually, it’s not a residence. From what I heard it’s the office for either the developer or sales company.

  • i love it, beautiful quality constructive, very tasteful and eclectic with the neighborhood. the whole damn city doesn’t need to look like georgetown – i’ll take this over the shitty popups and whatnot going in elsewhere any day…

  • i like it! i might make a point to go walk by it now… it would make a great home/office

  • Hate it…it so doesn’t fit with the houses that are closest to it…I mean really, look how ridiculous it looks next to the small white house to the left.

  • E-girl, you are incorrect. The office of the architect/developer (same company Division 1) is in MOCO Maryland. The place was on the market forever…I dont know if they designed it for a client who then walked, or if they just built it and hoped someone would like it. Some of the details are off-the building is pretty new and the metal trim was rusting down the sides at least as of a year ago. Frankly, with the regressive real estate tastes, and style in general, of most of the people in DC who could afford that, building a home in that style without it having been ordered would probably have been a bad business decision (if that is what happened).

  • FYI, the promotional website is still up for the house. It says for “sales OR leasing information…” (emphasis added).

  • It was for sale last summer when I was looking for a place. I loooooved the pics of the place, but a wee bit too pricey for my pockets. (okay, WAY, too pricey for me).

  • my girlfriend loves it, but i don’t like it at all. part of the charm of DC is the traditional rowhouses and architecture. the homes are just more livable, i think. Modern buildings are hard to navigate – the doors are strange, the proportions are slightly inhuman, the faucets are goofy, etc.

    plus, i think there’s something to said of designing a building with the neighborhood in mind. That solid wall to the west, for instance. not only do you loose nearly all afternoon/evening light, but you’re basically turning you back to the small church across the street. not very neighborly.

  • i would LOVE to own this. loved it since day one. but alas.. last i checked it was on the market for 1.4 or 1.6 million… so.. um… yeah….

  • I stand corrected. That’s what i get for listening to someone who isn’t always the best source for info. I should have known better. 😉

  • Funny thing is, I remember looking at the website before. Was it ever temporarily used in a different capacity? Perhaps that’s what my informant was referring to.

  • It has been used for private parties before-as a rental space.

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