So How Long Should You Leave Your Bunting Up?


With Flag day and the Fourth of July so close together it makes July a perfect bunting month. But then I guess there is the Christmas lights dilemma – how long before taking them down? Much like Christmas lights I imagine it is a pain to put up and take down. Maybe after Bastille Day is a good time for removal…

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  • good use of the word ‘bunting’….

  • Be vewwy quiet… I’m bunting wabbits…..

  • Apparently, through Bastille Day….

  • Cut them some slack! Its only the 14th! Bunting isn’t really 4th of July specific either- I think it can be up all summer long in some cases.

  • i agree with parkwoodperson. its the 14th of july and we live in the nation’s capital. there are quite a few people on capital hill who keep their bunting up for months

  • The flag should go up for 4th of July, and come down. Other than that it could go up on national holidays and perhaps family occasions. Beyond that – stop with the ridiculous patriotic BS already – stop flying the flag 24/7, 365 days a year. Yeah, its a nice country, perhaps even a great country. But we get it. Enough is enough. Enough said too.. lol. 😀

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