Scuttlebutt of the Week

Columbia Heights Coffee has recieved its first round of permits to expand its store on 11th Street. That’s the good news the bad news is that they still need another set of permits before demolition can begin. Still positive news.

By this time next year it is likely that Red Derby will have a roof deck. Unbelievably cool.

The building housing Looking Glass Lounge and the Yoga House upstairs has been sold for nearly $1.5 million. Both LGL and Yoga House have leases for the next two years so there is not likely to be any changes. However when the leases run out I am very fearful for the future. If that building was bought for nearly $1.5 mil then I’d have to assume that rents will sky rocket. In my opinion I don’t think this bodes well. My guess is we’ll be seeing more condos up top with, God willing, some type of retail in LGL’s space (and of course hopefully LGL will remain).

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  • Have not been to LGL too much since the change in ownership due to a decline in service quality. Has business been good of late? If they are making money, then maybe they will be okay.

  • The lack of service hasn’t seemed to stop any of the die-hard Temperance fans from continuing to go there. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

  • I love Yoga House! Engage your root lock! Sat Nam

  • Ditto on Yoga House! It’s a great place to peace out.

    As for the building, lots can happen in two years. Let’s hope for the best while also actively supporting both YH and LGL.

  • I live in utter terror of the day that I can’t do yoga upstairs and rush downstairs to catch the tail end of happy hour with my fellow yoginis!

  • For a tiny existing coffee shop to expand, this process is taking forever (I think a year and counting awaiting permits). It is ridiculous. One thing DC needs sooooo badly is a service or dedicated HIGH CALIBER (aka non-patronage) employee who can help steer small businesses through the ridiculous, labyrinthine, permit hell that is the DC city gov’t, and help to expedite applications such as this, where space that could be a community asset is just sitting fallow. Look forward to seeing progress soon, hopefully!

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