Screw the Whole Foods, Logan Circle Officially Hits the Big Time

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Thanks to a reader for the tip. This store is located at 14th and Q next to the restaurant Rice. Bang & Olufsen of course is the very high end audio store. You can learn more at their Web site.

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  • Hoooooooly Canoli.

  • Hey that’s great!

    Next will be:

    A Ferrari dealership, Gucci, Hermes, etc.


    The way you know we really made it is if the sidewalks between Thomas Circle and R Street are actually even!

    Woo Hoo!

  • Wow! Do you think I can trade in the 1988 B&O system that came with my house?

  • 14th is getting very exclusive. The price of condos in that area is already outrageous. It is getting to be the next Gold Coast.

  • another example that DC is a solid bubble…

  • Damn.. I was planning to send you the tip when I saw them putting up the stickers on the windows. Indeed, if anyone doubted whether 14th St has arrived – case closed!

    Herb, how much are you willing to sell your 88 system for?

  • GforGood

    are you serious? email me at Herbofdc at gmail dot com

  • I’m really looking forward to buying my B&O system from our own local store. Gentrification aside, this is a spiritual leap forward for the neighborhood. Hi, Martin.

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