Royal Blue and Commonwealth Restaurant Update in CH

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For those who have been curious, my sources are telling me that Royal Blue (on 14th Street a few stores north of Starbucks) is in build out and will be open in October.

Additionally on the Columbia Heights restaurant scene I hear that Commonwealth (on Irving just west of 14th Street), the Gastropub by Jamie Leeds (founder of Hank’s Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle area), is opening in early/mid August.

I can’t wait for Commonwealth to open! The indoor is supposed to look super cool and there will also be a nice outdoor section as well.

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  • Peeked in this morning, some guys in there but no progress yet. Given all the false predictions about this place, I’ll believe October when I see it. It would be nice to learn more about what sort of menu they will have. Speaking of food around there, I saw a sign that the Panda Express in DCUSA will be having sushi, can’t imagine it will be anything spectacular, but it’s another option.

    Speaking of that area, I saw them putting in nice paving stones in the Park Road plaza today. On the one hand, I appreciate this space will be reasonably attractive and usable in the short term. On the other, why not do that two years ago instead of a few months before they will have to be ripped up for the start of the project? Seems like a waste of money at this point, and the typical D.C. shortsited thinking (see putting in new sidewalks at Giant before the new lighting, necessitating ripping out the brand new sidewalks for the lighting, or ripping up 14th street twice in row because they couldn’t coordinate with Pepco — the amount of waste is staggering).

  • If I may contribute to the scuttlebutt:
    Unfortunately, Royal Blue had some unforseen setbacks, but they really are back on track now. I am really psyched for them to open, as I think it will be good food and a good neighborhood hang-out!

  • I am also quite looking forward to Commonwealth, and not just as a liberal Massachusetts homer. With D’Vines, Red Derby, and Red Rocks nearby, as well as some middling-to-good beer selection popping up in Mt. Pleasant liquor stores, Commonwealth seems to be a nice continuation of the trend bringing quality beer to our neighborhood, in both restaurant and retail locations. Of course, the food to pair your drinks with should be good as well, if Hank’s is any indication.

  • Just a quick question. Does anybody have any updates on either Sake Club or the other one right next to it (starts with a Z, I think)?


  • New2CH, I think I read the Royal Blue will have mediterranean (inspired) menu, including the Southern and Eastern shore.. 🙂 I.e. Moroccan, maybe Lebanese items etc.

  • Took a look at the menu for Commonwealth and it is really disappointing. The beer list is ordinary. The food is nothing exciting. Too themed and pricey. Was expecting something more original from Jamie Leeds instead of just a copy of other, better places. And can someone explain why there so much wine on the menu when it is a pub? They should have taken more time on the beer menu instead of bothering with wine, especially since the beer list is boring. A bit disappointed.

  • I agree that the beer list is lackluster. They obviously have the space for all that wine, why are they not using it to house better and more unusual beers? I can get all of them at Whole Foods. If I ever want a Bud, I will have it sitting on my own couch, thank you. And Strongbow? Didn’t someone explain to them it is not even a real cider? As for the food, well, why are they trying so hard to sell the British thing? Is she dating a Brit, want to date a Brit, had her heart broken by a Brit? The gastropubs in London don’t even serve that sort of food. I really like Hank’s. I was hoping that Jamie Leeds would do something more than just open a theme restaurant, especially since the whole gastropub and animal-centric concept is so two years ago. She is just hopping on the bandwagon. And I guess the local foods concept does not apply to the drink list. What are they thinking? The price is too steep for many in that neighborhood. Look around – Target, Marshall’s? If they are hoping to attract people with money who love food, then they really should try harder to give us something honest rather than try to sell us a poorly thought out concept.

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