Ready Schools = Bird Costume!

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The 5th Annual Ready Schools Projects was out in full force at the Petworth metro Monday morning. I still don’t get the bird costume but it does get your attention, I’ll give them that. So, the Ready Schools Project is sponsored by DC VOICE and the goal is to “enlist at least 100 partner organizations in the largest community research effort of this city’s history”. It sounds a bit vague to me but I’m sure the DC VOICE Web site will have greater details if you’re interested. And if you find out more about the bird, let me know…

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  • Isn’t that Pete,the Petworth Pigeon?

  • as a parent I’ve spoken to DC Voice people and they have been, so far, completely unable to explain who they are, what they believe in, what they’re promoting and what their goals are. Go read their website and explain to me what they’re up to, I still don’t know and the people I’ve spoken from their group also do not know. But I’m open to get involved if they clean up their act.

  • I mean read their mission statement, it’s boilerplate junk:

  • it’s an ostrich, something about heads-in-the-sand, etc.

  • Yep it is an ostrich, had someone from their group explain it to me on the 4th. Pretty much exactly what IMGoph said. Still doesn’t really make sense what they are doing.

  • I thought someone had beat up and partially plucked the Nats mascot Screech.

  • maybe it’s because ostriches lay really big eggs

  • I was a part of the Ready Schools Project last year–its a program that DC Voice runs that uses community members (parents, students, anybody) to gather data on how well the schools are operating at the beginning of the school year. You go in to a particular school and interview the principal on a variety of topics to get their perspective on how ready the school system was for students at the beginning of the year–they publish the results of the survey to the community afterward. They got really big press (Post, etc.) and have “exposed” a lot of messed up stuff (kids with no text books in the class when there’s a huge warehouse full of them that no one knows about?!? hello!). You can read the report from last year here:

    I’d highly recommend participating.

    No idea on the bird though!

  • thanks 2323, that explains what one mother was trying to tell me she was doing, but it was really unclear. They’re looking for anomalies in the system.

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