Reader Submitted Insane Photo of the Day

headstone, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The reader aptly titled his email message to me “Not sure what to make of this…”. I’m with you there. You can see in the back towards the fence between the garbage can and recycle can there is a tombstone! Beyond bizarre. How the hell does a tombstone wind up in someone’s alley?

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  • It is a warning to all would be garbage can thieves!

  • There was once an enormous cache of tombstones in the lot and alley behind what is now the ABC School. Likely removed from a neighborhood cemetery, for some reason.

  • Of all the things to use as a make shift door stop for your gate, that, to me, seems to be the worst possible choice.

  • pet cemetary?

  • I’ve always wondered about the headstone like plaques that line Kilbourne St. in Mt Pleasant. There, in the sidewalk, are plaques that read “John Smith 1910-1970.” Anyone know?

  • If you think that’s weird, check out this article from where I used to live in Texas. The City (who I worked for at the time) used old tombstones at the creekbed to stop erosion. Very nice!

  • Um, why would tombstones ever be “old”? To me, that implies that they aren’t needed anymore. I would venture a guess that there is someone about 6″ feet away who might still like it to stay around. Or am i missing something?

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